“Slow and Disjointed”: Disgruntled Celtic fans plead for big improvements as first half ends 0-0

It always looked like St Mirren might be a tough team to try and break down. They concede less than a goal a game and don’t look worried at the prospect of having to defend for most of the game.

Obviously the first half has been disappointing, most fans would expect Celtic to turn up and win this one fairly easily by a few goals. There’s been chances – McGregor went through on the keeper, Jullien should’ve scored with a header and Forrest hit the post, it’s certainly not time to panic yet.

Obviously most will be aware of the scoreline in Dingwall, but grinding out these tougher games is what makes champions. These fans don’t seem overly impressed by the first half efforts:

Obviously with the way the table currently stands, a draw would see Celtic drop into second place so it’s understandable that the fans might be getting a bit nervous.

It’s so easy to forget that St Mirren will get tired, they also played at the weekend and the physical and mental pressure will only build as the game goes on. As long as Celtic don’t do anything stupid and stay calm, the chances will come and goals will follow.

You get the feeling if they can manage one then the floodgates could easily open.

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