‘So yes that again, a bit of time,’ is Brendan’s patience wearing thin?

Brendan Rodgers was speaking after last night’s warm up match with Ayr United regarding our search for a new goalkeeper, and his words don’t exactly fill any of us with any confidence.

Celtic and Scott Brown’s Ayr side settled for a draw with both sides netting their first half penalties. There could be no complaints about either decision and it as perhaps significant that Kyogo took Celtic’s spot kick, given his reluctance to do so previously.

Speaking to the media after the 1-1 draw, Brendan said this about the goalkeeper replacement situation: “It’s certainly one of those areas that we needed to improve and we’ve known that since Joe said that he was leaving. So yes that again, a bit of time, but we aim to have that hopefully done by the beginning of the season for sure. There are lots of names flying about. So just a good one would be nice.”

Hardly an inspiring choice of words is it? Brendan is right when he said that we’ve known what was required after Joe said he was leaving, and a cynic would suggest he’s having a sly dig at those in charge.

Also the words ‘so yes that again, a bit of time’ sounds like a thinly veiled reference at his bosses incompetence when it comes to their transfer dealings. His last words on the matter also say a lot about who’s in charge of recruitment at the club.

On this: “There are a lot of names flying about, so Just a good one would be nice” – Does that mean like the rest of us he’s in the dark regarding who our goalkeeping targets are? Referring ‘a good one would be nice doesn’t sound like the words of a man with any say in our transfer dealings.

That begs the question, who on earth is in charge of the recruitment process when we don’t even have a head of recruitment in place?

Here’s Brendan Rodgers talking about the match on Celtic TV.

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  1. I wouldn’t say so myself.
    Course there is always going to be a level of frustration during this transfer window especially?
    When you consider that vata had 14 offers to consider, and this as a project player, and he decides to end up at Watford?
    Hardly makes much sense to me, and only highlights just how many offers established players could have to decide upon also?
    Say Rodgers has identified the players he hopes to bring into the club?
    Yet getting these deals confirmed is another totally different ball game?
    For example a potential deal for idah between fees and wages with the length of contact involved, is possibly a deal over 10M tied up within it?
    With the amount of players we require over the summer, that’s a massive investment required for ourselves overall, especially with the quality of player we should be looking for also?
    So that’s what we are looking for, yet doesn’t mean that the players involved are looking at the situation within the club in the same manner?
    Believe that many of our potential targets, could be at the last big pay day available to themselves, so are potentially prepared to play the waiting and haggling game also, in order to get the best deals available to themselves?
    Even more complications involved for ourselves in venturing into the more competitive markets, especially with ourselves carrying the big club tag, without having the money budgets that far lesser clubs can operate within?
    Of course now, we are entering the time factor phase now?
    How long are we preparing to wait upon answers from targeted players?
    Move on, to the next target now, if a deal could be completed quicker?
    Rodgers wouldn’t be involved within negotiations for such deals, and hardly seems to have the magical phone call that Ange used effectively either, by the looks of things?
    Very easy to moan regarding the whole process involved over the summer, yet just how many could actually deal with such a frustrating process either?
    I certainly couldn’t for sure, so easier to remain patient, which isn’t the easiest either to deal with?
    The next 2 weeks will be very telling as to which direction the club intends to take, and would say that panic will start to set in, if no movement is achieved within the current stalemate we currently find ourselves in?
    Rodgers seemed to myself fairly relaxed regarding the current situation, especially with being there many times before within his managerial career?
    Just hoping that by the time the window shuts, that there is an indication that the board is backing the manager, that remains the unanswered question at present, and one we are so use to happening also?
    Don’t believe we are anywhere near making such an conclusion yet imo?

    • Mark Nugent on

      Johnno’s comment is way more substantive than the article.

      We need more transparency for the process.

      It is tough.

      Sky high expectations with bargain bucket TV revenue. Who’d do it? You buy guys from emerging leagues before other clubs recognise their worth (like Hatae and Abada) or u get projects or you get old guys who perhaps still have quality but people have lost faith in them in their decline, u pay over the odds for early transfers of middling players or you wait til deadline day n hope Chelsea’s 5th choice goalie isn’t snatched from under ur patient nose minutes before the end of the window.

      We get Maeda n O’Riley before the Jan window opens, we get GG, Jota and CCV on the last day of the summer window, we take a chance on aged Super Joe Hart (a truly jammy find) but then we took a chance on Ian Wright n Roy Keane n those weren’t great.

      For every Kyogo you get a Ideguchu whatever strategy u take, with our budget its a different kind of risk… but the manager is still expected to be ready for the league, league cup n possibly UCL qualification before a squad rebuild is completed n bedded in in the early part if the season…or he’s fired.


      On the other hand? Look what happened across the city when THEY said screw it, lets throw cash we don’t really have at this problem. S’very tough HH

  2. same old same old…we ( celtic fans seem to fall for it every season..) how can we be so dumb ? hail hail…