Something is about to come tumbling down and it certainly isn’t at Celtic Park

Fold like a pack of cards eh Dave? Five years ago Dave King famously quipped that just one title win for Rangers would see Celtic fold like a pack of cards. The glib and shameless one was adamant that taking away our source of Champions league cash would see us self destruct. Oh how wrong he proved to be, he ain’t no Nostradamus, that’s for sure!

For one thing Celtic, have never relied on Champions league cash to prosper. Celtic budget our financial spending based on Europa league revenue. We don’t splash cash we don’t have, we are a self-sufficient, well run club, just like a top professional football club should be.

That’s an alien concept to Dave King though, as he was of course basing his knowledge on his past experiences with the old Rangers. He couldn’t be further from the truth. King wouldn’t know a well run football club if it was staring him in the face.

Dave King looks onduring the Scottish Championship match between Hibernian and theRangers at Easter Road on April 20, 2016 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty images)

Celtic is managed much more successfully and professionally than the new defunct club he lost a chunk of his fortune in. We’re not Trotters independent Traders. We have experts in control of our finances, real business minds. We turn a healthy profit, we are even on the Stock Exchange.

Mr King just wanted to appease the Ibrox masses and tell them what they wanted to hear. His look into the crystal ball was more of a back street medium doing duff readings for a few quid or in this case that season’s season ticket money.

 Dave King, Rangers Chairman, reads out a message to the Rangers Fans before the UEFA Europa League first qualifying round match between Rangers and Progres Niederkorn at the Ibrox Stadium on June 29, 2017. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

As usual they fell for it hook line and sinker. They’re certainly not the brightest abut maybe they should have a proper look into Celtic’s finances rather than listen to Dodgy Dave and some comedy accounts on twitter or the crackpots on their forums. Ironically they fail to see the danger that’s brewing financially at their own club. The same danger they ignored at the original Rangers, and we all know how that turned out.

Fast forward five years and despite Rangers claiming one title, Celtic have grown even stronger than before, reportedly about to post record revenues in excess of £100 million, a record kit deal with Adidas and are on course for back to back titles, a possible treble and automatic qualification to the Champions League for the second year running.

Competent minds running us behind the scenes, a superb manager and coaching staff with a squad of players on long contracts with high transfer valuations, playing the best football this country has seen in years.

We are also due to play a money spinning tournament in Japan this summer due to our exposure in the Far East. Not to mention the equally as lucrative trip to Australia back in November, remember that’s the one that Rangers pulled out of because they didn’t want to play second fiddle to Celtic. Bless them.

That doesn’t sound like a collapse, if anything the house of cards has got higher and steadier than ever and never really looked like falling down.

Contrast that to events over at Ibrox, they have just lost their main money man, and now their sporting director. Players once valued at £50 million are out of contract in the summer. More share issues are planned to keep the lights on and fund a summer transfer kitty. If that was the situation at Celtic the cracked crest would be beamed over Glasgow like the bat signal.

Something is about to come tumbling down and it certainly isn’t at Celtic Park.

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  1. “ that just one title win for Rangers”

    If * rangers died in 2012 … how can they have one more title win … ?

    Serious question .. can you please explain ?

  2. Mr dave king is the man to kill off there 2nd club just like what he done to oldco rfc voted for them to be liquidated in 2012 this guy is just a conman and im glad he was at ranjurs because this clown cant run a brothel never mind a club and i cant wait for newco to go the same way as cheating ranjurs dead forever RIP scum king.