Something is clearly not right at Celtic

The performance, the pitch, Brendan’s post match words, and the board, something is clearly not right…

Alastair Johnston of Celtic celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Ross County FC at Celtic Park on January 27, 2024. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Well that was a rather forgettable 90 odd minutes yesterday afternoon. What started so brightly after that Alistair Johnston first minute goal turned into a dire trudged display. It was quite frankly shocking.

Celtic lacked desire, we lacked tempo, we couldn’t string a pass together and we were extremely wasteful in front of goal. All these things are a recipe for disaster, and that made for an uncomfortable afternoon against a side who sit second bottom in the table.

The only plus was we managed to win and earn all three points. That’s all that matters in the cold light of day I suppose, but it’s clear something is not right at Celtic Park at this moment in time. From problems with the pitch. The performances on it, to concerns about new signings or should I say the lack of them, sheer negativity is engulfing the entire club.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers arrives prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Ross County FC at Celtic Park Stadium on January 27, 2024.. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Indeed Brendan’s post match analysis added to that negativity when he appeared to have a dig at the supporters while also sticking up for his bosses. That’s a major concern going forward. Brendan’s return wasn’t met with much enthusiasm by some supporters and his words yesterday won’t have done him any favours.

Although he does have more urgent needs to address first as he has to sort out the problems we have on the field at the moment or the supporters will quickly turn on him. He’s on big bucks and will have to earn his money. We may not be getting in the desired quality, and while that’s not Brendan’s fault, he is nevertheless responsible for performances on the park.

Yes we may be top, but that doesn’t mask the problems we face at the moment. That’s down to both Brendan and the board, and something both need to rectify in the coming weeks. Failure to do so will only end in tears. The supporters won’t take much more, you can be assured of that.

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Patrick Cullen on

    3 days to go, needed 4 players, got 1, realy need a striker and a left back URGENT, keeper and cen mid can wait GET THE FINGER OUT

    • What I don’t understand is why we struggle against a side that our squad is worth 20 or 30 times more than.
      I can understand needing more quality when in Europe but come off it we should be destroying SPL teams with what we currently have.
      I just don’t think BR is the manager we thought he was.

  2. Well, he got his excuse in early when he said that he needed about 4 ‘quality’ players, so, if we don’t get them, the ‘blame’ lies elsewhere – which it would seem is typical of him.
    There’s no doubt the condition of the pitch was awful yesterday but Ross County did fine on it.
    Some players need to take a good look at themselves in terms of their attitude & performance – & we all know who they are – but BR’s lack of a Plan B is always a concern. The insistence on slow play out from the back & too much passing back & sideways for the sake of it when some more simple & direct play was needed is so frustrating to watch at times & yesterday was a typical example of it.

  3. Martin Blackshaw on

    I could not agree more with the author of this article. The observation of a kind of nagativity around Celtic right now is palpable. Unlike some, I was actually quite happy when Brendan Rodgers returned. Now, though, I have completely altered my opinion. I think he has destroyed the momentum of the team Ange build, especially that of Kyogo who was once so deadly in front of goal. In addition to his negative management of the team, I think it is now clear by his backtracking on quality players that he is a stooge for the Board, a well-paid master of sophistry who thinks he can talk himself and his bosses out of any situation. Well, he can’t! The fans see right through Rodgers, who is clearly not putting his foot down with the Board and demanding the players quality additions to the team.

    Chris Sutton perfectly summed up Rodgers’ latest diatribe in the media, where he insisted that quality is difficult to find at this time of the season and that he wasn’t going to just add players for the sake of it. Chris rightly pointed out the ridiculous nature of that comment by saying “is Brendan suggesting that there are no players available who are better in quality than Bernabei?” I think that highlights the treachery going on against the fans. Peter Lawwell, his son Mark and Brendan Rodgers need to get the boot from Celtic once and for all. We need to be rid of these spectres at the feast before they completely destroy what Celtic have achieved, espeically in the past few years.

    With Celtic presently losing momentum at a time when Clemente is building it at Rangers, I honestly foresee a lost league this year and the catastrophe of that larger Chamions League pot going to Ibrox. I think the fans need to make themselves heard now. Rodgers is doing to Celtic what he did to Leicester City. We need to send him back to his Spanish villa and get a real hungry manager in the building. Enough of this Irish infiltration, they don’t have the skill.

    • Yep. Negativity….Since the board showed its complicity in Genocide with its anti-Palestine ban, a section of the support supported them in it and Celtic changed from being Celtic since,. Its all gone wrong, from the atmosphere to the pitch, to the transfer market etc. KARMA’s a bitch.

      • Martin Blackshaw on

        No, I think you’ll find that it has nothing to do with the Anarchist activities of the Red Brigade over the Palestine conflict, which has nothing to do with football. It’s more likely the punishment of God on a club with Catholic roots and a purportedly Catholic ethos showing solidarity with the LGBT Marxist group “Stonewall”. It’s all gone downhill since Callum McGregor led the team out with the Rainbow armband on, thereby offering a direct affront to God and the moral teaching of the Church.

    • Greg McLaughlin on

      We got very lucky stumbling across big Ange but that masked the problems. The board is stale with priority profit and bonuses. To ask people for season ticket money and Champions League tickets is taking the loyal Celtic support for mugs. Nicolson not for me , Lawell & son do one and even Dermot Desmond who you never see . We fire in the belly from the board not just look at how good we are we have a big fat profit. Over the last 10 years we are £34,645,000 in profit for transfers but if you look through it the amount of waste, Ncham , Ajeti , Barkas and so much more. We should be looking at top talent for management team instead of the same old same old ie Kennedy and Gavin Strachan. Where is our director of football, set piece coach make us much better than the rest. Where is our ambition fir Europe? We are so much better than this. Brendan looks miserable , tempo poor , most players struggling from last season , no real standouts. We spent over £22 million since BR came back but on what Palma potential, Lagerbielke £3m not getting a chance , Nawrocki £4.3m not given a chance , Kwon £1m loaned , Yang £2m potential, lwata £1m not getting a chance , Tilio £2m WHY? , Holm £2.5m potential. Not one brought in with clear quality to immediately improve the team. Smacks of cronyism with the Lawells. To go into the champions league with this was criminal and change is required. Why not spend the £22m on 2 or 3 top class experienced players to make an immediate difference. Complacency has been allowed for too long. Fresh start required to put the fire back into the club.

  4. Rob O’Keeffe on

    Celtic are very hesitant when it comes to taking shots from just outside the box,instead players shuttle the ball out wide wasting multiple opportunities.Please can we have Kyogo back instead of his inept twin? One way or another I think BR will leave in the summer……

    • The problem with Kyogo,is not his loss of form it’s the change in formation played by Rodgers team yesterday the week made around 4/5 runs across there defence and instead of playing him in we passed the ball back or square

  5. Buying someone that’s not going to walk into team the pitch is poor that’s why crossing poor shots wayward passing not going to feet if supporters relax and don’t show descent at players our next two games are away from home players and manager have change it they football is alright on a good pitch and Celtic Park and a few others ain’t up to junior level so we have to adapt to the surface don’t fire a pass into a player who cause of bobbling ball can’t control it first touch allows defender to knock the ball away missing confidence shooting crossing passing made to look bad when ball is bouncing over bumpy surface can’t expect good footballers to play the passing game on a field that’s what Rodgers and yes our supporters expect Celtic players to do yes we spent money on relaying a surface spent more than more than most spl teams spend on players but supporters want to see our players at there best spend big on a good surface ig we have to pit a new pitch down every two three years yes or we are going to suffer watching poor football and find out why firpark is lush and flat and ours isn’t we have to find the answer and if we need to spend millions on it our a a new main stand roof allow more sunlight in it it has do be spent cause the football we as supporters and the manager want the players to play just can’t be played on Celtic parks pitch in the state its in not the players it’s the pitch it hurts us more than any team does so money has to sort the pitch

  6. Tbh, maybe the team are feeling a bit shaky because of all the negativity in the media about celtic these days?
    If you look at MSM, it’s shocking. Both Celtic and The Rangers won 1-0 yesterday, but the view on Celtic was “on the ropes”, “worst performance ever”, “made it look terribly difficult”, whereas The Rangers win was viewed as “important win”, “got the job done”, “grit and determination”.

    Not that that is shocking from MSM… But it’s grim that it’s transferring through to celtic fan media like in this article above, and many many others. Maybe the “something that’s not right”, is this twisted view from the fan media putting needless pressure and anxiety on the team.
    Yes, everybody wants shiny new signings… But let’s face it, it’s not like we have a shit team. Every player in the team is decent, and weve got a range of *great* players in the mix too (wanted by so many top clubs!) – keeping hold of our top players would make this transfer window a huge win imho. Kerping Kyogo, McGregor, CCV, O’Riley, Hatate, Abada, etc, is top priority!
    And we’ve batted away those big offers so far, so let’s celebrate that. Let’s celebrate being top of the league, and our continued winning run.

    • Martin Blackshaw on

      Dan, The difference between Rangers and Celtic yesterday was that Rangers dug out a 1-0 win away to St. Mirren, a difficult place to go. Celtic were lucky to scrape a 1-0 win at Parkhead against the 2nd bottom club in the league, a team whipped 3-0 in the cup recently by Partick Thistle. The negativity around Celtic is because this kind of thing is happening too often, ever since Peter Lawwell set foot back inside the club. As for Brendan Rodgers, I never really rated him that highly, but he’s yesterday’s man and he’s lost the drive. He’s causing a lot of the negativity because of his negative tactics. He’ll cost Celtic the league this year unless they get rid of him now, I’m certain of it.

      • We blew St Mirren away at the same venue three weeks ago. We have been far too inconsistent in performance and results this season, that is the problem.

  7. There we see the route of the problems in the celtic support and Societies at large. Reduction and lower levels of education for the masses…aka..”Human Resources”. The masses are only useful as a tool of the corporates and Celtic are run by these people. Education system organised and run for the needs of Corporates. Shut the masses up if they don’t comply. “Palestine ban.” “Police Scotland” and associated laws preventing free speech by Zionist tory government. What has this to do with Celtic and football ? For the sightless, unquestioning, uneducated masses, football organisations and clubs are pumping you, stealing your hard earned and often hard spent cash rather than re-investing it in a football club. Clearly they have Zionist investments and the chain ends in wars everywhere and huge profits for arms dealers.

    • Martin Blackshaw on

      You seem to be quite a busy Left Wing activist. I wonder who’s pulling your strings. The funny part is Socialism in all its various ugly guises is from first to last a Zionist concept and project. The history of Socialism; its architects, peddlers, financiers and most committed disciples is there to see for anyone who cares to do their homework. In other words, you spout against Zionists when, in fact, you’re doing their bidding.

      • Wasn’t going to comment, just laugh at some centuries old attitudes instead, but your comment is patent nonsense. I think maybe your brain is struggling with the concept of Socialism and National Socialism, because the same word is used in both names does not make them the same, in fact they are polar opposites. I’m attributing this explanation to your comment, as I can’t believe you are so stupid to believe the other nonsense getting peddled as truth these days of conspiracy theories, I’m sure, that after the atrocities of the second world war, you can, like myself, spot a Fascist when you see one, and know them by their actions, like murdering 12 THOUSAND children etc.

        • Martin Blackshaw on

          I think it’s rather your concept of “Fascist” which is causing the problem here, not my understanding of “Socialism”. Besides that, I view Socialism from a supernatural perspective, not a natural one, which gives me a more honest view of this disease.

          The first undeniable fact is that Socialists, be they National Socialists like Hitler, Western Democrat Socialists, Marxists or Communists, all have one primary objective that betrays their common source, which is their hatred of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. The Popes of Tradition have amply exposed the evils of Socialism in detail in their Encyclical Letters and warned the world against this false ideology, which morally and financially bankrupts every nation that falls victim to its alluring, yet destructive, agenda.

          Show me one historical example of a country under Socialism which has not become utterly atheistic, despotic, bankrupt and morally degenerate. You may choose from the USSR, North Korea, China (where the people are kept poor and subjugated), Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and a host of other South American countries, UK, Democrat America, Spain, France, Germany, Israel, et al.

          It was no different with Nazi Germany either, the only exception being that Hitler improved the country’s finances by stealing the possesions of the Jews and just about every art treasure in every nation his Nazis occupied.

          Hitler didn’t just hate Jews, he hated Catholics as well. He murdered tens of thousands of priests, monks and nuns in those infamous concentration camps, including the great saint priest Maximilian Kolbe and the nun/saint Edith Stein. So Hitler was every bit as single-minded in the primary Socialist target as was Stalin when he brutalised and murdered a conservatively-estimated 20 million Catholics across the USSR.

          And let’s not forget here the Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War. These were priests and religious who died horrendous deaths at the hands of the Socialists who oppossed General Franco, a devout Catholic who consecrated Spain to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Socialists came into Spain from the US, Russia, Scotland and a few other nations. They were largely mercenaries paid by Stalin and the attrocities they carried out on Catholic priests and religious were beyond belief. Once such recorded episode is of some nuns who had their feet tied to the tails of horses, their hair set on fire and the horses whipped so that they botled and dragged the nuns to their death. You have no idea what Socialism really represents and nor does any other supporter of that demonic ideology. You are in this regard what Stalin once termed “useful idiots”.

  8. This is all down to the green brigade. They cost us the 10 with their crap, they will cost us this title, through not getting behind Brendan and the team. They prefer politics to football nowadays, but they know nothing about either.

  9. Celtic v Ross County.
    Why did O’Riley played entire match, he was doing yoga and dance moves most of the match, so little concentration on the football side.
    Firstly let’s support the team whilst they are in the tunnel, on the pitch etc.
    Boo the board by name.
    Boo Rodgers by name.
    How these people fail must never be aimed at the players.
    Fans can also Boo each other, why are we so quiet, I’ve been to funerals with a better atmosphere.
    Get singing again, encourage the players ALWAYS.

    Afford the board, we’ll it’s deja vu again.
    Lawell in my opinion is working the puppets in the background.
    Lawell & Lawell are not fit for the purpose.
    Nicholson, what does he do?
    £70 million will be in the bank to grant Lawell jnr & Nicholson prrofit bonus payments, that figure will gradually be eroded into their bank accounts, Certainly not spent wisely on the team or Celtic park.
    Rodgers is another puppet, he has no guts to challenge the hierarchy.
    The playing style is once again flat under Rodgers lack of tactics.
    Yes he won a treble with no challenge.
    Anyone could have done that.
    The Rangers became slightly better, Rodgers jumped ship before he fell flat on his face.
    The Rangers won the league and stopped 10 in a row, remember it was Covid and our 9 in a row was granted with league ending early.
    The Rangers won the league as Lawell & Rodgers left a poor team behind.
    Lennon who lost the 10iar couldn’t run a bath.
    History is showing signs of repeating itself.
    I would not like to be lawell, lawell, Nicholson, or Rodgers should this season end in failure.
    I think these people have forgotten what happened at losing 10iar.

  10. There will be more in,but lets face it our team is back in the hotseat but after 2 weeks off then we need to up the fitness of the team i am sure it will come in our next game no holds batred.

    • Martin Blackshaw on

      Maybe Brendan will put him in as a left back! I’m not so sure about Sydney Van’s pedigree, he’s not been used much by Bologna. Is he really what Celtic need right now, or would Miovski of Aberdeen be a better choice. I would go with the latter, although both would cost more than £3 million and therefore scored off the list by Lawwell!

  11. Absolutely dire performance, yet again. I was against the return of BR and I remain that way inclined. The team has gone backwards, zero pace at the back, a captain who, it seems, only plays the ball backwards and sideways, a battalion of wingers who, between them, couldn’t cross the road and a top class striker who never gets any decent service, like yesterday, for example. When bread gets stale, you have to throw it out and we have loads of that. A penny pinching board doesn’t help and, in my view, a manager who is, frankly, treading water.

  12. I will give credit to Rodgers upon what he is trying to build within the club currently, with trying to form a squad that can hopefully compete at CL level?
    Yesterday showed us that 20 players within the match day squad, with 6 including iwata missing and only 1 loan, and the 8 scottish homegrown player covered, is where we are, even if not totally completed as of yet?
    So that is the basis of where the majority of this squad will be expected to be used at CL level next season imo.
    However, what I’m finding so disappointing is the majority of this squad is playing nowhere near what they are capable of playing on a regular basis?
    The theory remains the same, as we are the only scottish club capable of producing at CL level, so therefore anything else within the SPFL should remain as cannon fodder to ourselves?
    Yet it’s not happening on a regular basis, and we are still waiting for this team to really flex its muscles at a consistent basis at SPFL level?
    We have not got poor players, but watching established players not preforming nowhere near there own standards upon a recurring basis is a massive concern for myself anyway?
    Fair to see how that potential within the squad will improve all the while the established players are stalling or going backwards?
    This is a massive failure upon Rodgers currently imo, when a stinking attitude and a worrying degree of complacency seems to be developing now within the squad, on a more frequent basis for my liking?
    I still believe that we will win this title, but far from convinced a double will be achieved, especially with what was on show yesterday imo?
    Tactical and tempo of our play stunk to high heavens, and not for the 1st time either this season to date?
    If Rodgers attitude shouldn’t improve towards the job he’s getting paid handsomely for, then I certainly won’t be sorry if he sulked away from it either presently?
    Never has a Celtic manager had as much at his disposal within a playing squad imo, and yet what he’s delivering in return remains far to questionable to date also?
    As Rodgers seems to love the spotlight upon himself, he yet remains a long way away from being the star of the show and needs to start preforming as the senior cast member, as currently the trapdoor awaits him upon his overall performances to date imo?

  13. Too many delusions on this page to start breaking it down. Don’t worry, sure that non-existent imperialist army have told you that they will be conscripting you all soon and precious football won;t matter any more. Poor Diddumsies.