Something you don’t usually see at Celtic Park, but it’s more than welcome

A flag was displayed in the front of the main stand during yesterday’s clash with Hearts and it raised more than a few eyebrows, but not in a negative way.

It was the St Georges Cross of England, not a flag you would associate with the Celtic supporters, or any other set of Scottish supporters outside theRangers, but it’s one that’s welcome all the same. It could have been in support of super Joe Hart, or it could be have been paraded by an English based Celtic supporter. Whatever the reason, it’s more than welcome inside Celtic Park.

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After all we’ve seen a mixture of national flags flown at Celtic Park from as far away as Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan, and South Korea, so why not the St George’s cross especially as we get set to say an incredibly emotional farewell to Joe Hart later this month.

We’ve had several English players represent the club in our history, most notably big names like our present hero Joe Hart, plus Paul Elliott, Chris Sutton, Alan Thompson, Gary Hopper and many others.  Celtic supporters don’t have a problem with the English, it’s just a rivalry thing, it’s not hatred, far from it.

Any English man, woman or child is most welcome at Celtic Park as is their national flag, so they can fly it with pride. Celtic is proud of always being a club open to all and that is a guiding principle that will never change inside Paradise.

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  1. George Cairns on

    As long as it isn’t the butchers apron then I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I hate Britain and the union and their symbols of colonialism belong in the history books. All of the countries in the british Isles should celebrate their identity independently.

  2. UlyssesGunt on

    I 100% agree with you . As long as it’s not the Butcher’s apron , and differentiates away from the “ Union “ it should be acceptable.
    We have many English players who are ambassadors of our club and our history ,and many second generation English supporters ; we should not be seen in the same 17th century backward thinking paradigm as our city sharing knuckle draggers across at Aye brokes .

  3. Patrick Cannon on

    We’re a club open to all no problem with St George Cross don’t put it down just because the gullybears flaunt it they are the biggest f**cked up fans on the planet