‘Sorry, I’m not buying that, Dorus,’ Ex-Celtic goalkeeper Rab Douglas on De Vries’ excuses

BIG RAB DOUGLAS has told hapless Celtic keeper Dorus De Vries that he’s not buying his excuses after he jumped out of the way of the “knuckle ball” to present Zenit with their second goal in the 3-0 defeat against Zenit.

Douglas, who was in goals for Celtic in the UEFA Cup Final in Seville in 2003 dismissed the claims by the Dutch goalie that the goal was caused by a ‘Knuckle ball,’ – the former Celt stated: “Sorry but never heard the term “knuckle ball.”

De Vries tried to explain the error and blamed the ball rather than himself:

“‘I have seen it back and it is called a knuckle ball,” De Vries said.

“There is no spin on the ball and a couple of those guys have the ability to do that.

“It moves to my right which is why I am stepping to my right, but it doesn’t keep on the original path, a couple of yards before that it shifts to the left and those are so difficult for a goalkeeper to adjust to.

“Unfortunately, it happened last night which is really disappointing because you are hoping you can get a full hand on it.

“If the knuckle ball stays in the direction you are moving you can adjust, but once it goes the opposite way there is almost no chance. It was disappointing. We gave ourselves a good chance to progress in the first leg and in the end we didn’t.”

Rob Douglas isn’t buying that Dorus and you’d be mad to think that many of the supporter will either.

Here is a snapshot of the reaction to last night’s horror show in St Petersburg, including the tweet from Rab Douglas…

Let’s start with some advice for the way forward…

Now a post match comment from Paul the Tim who as always traveled to the game so saw first hand and with his own eyes what’s wrong…

A wee reminder of our inability to see out the early period on European football…can’t we just park the bus like everyone else?

Dorus De Vries blamed the ball, former Celtic goalkeeper Rab Douglas wasn’t buying that one…

A close friend of the Celtic board, realises that Zenit have a bigger budget so more quality on the pitch but reckons Celtic failed to do the basics…

One of the many more vivid images from Twitter on the goalkeeper’s performance…

And the last word to the Bhoys at CeltsAreHere who might just be right…

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  1. We have tried starting our “Flair” players away v Bayern and got completely run over, yesterday we tried a more defensive line-up leaving out Masonda, Rogic, Sinclair who are not likely to win back possession. We were still completely over run in midfield. We stopped virtually none of their attacks before they got to our penalty area, while lacking any real threat in attack. I think we need to re-think out tactics, possibly with a 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 formation or revert to a 3 – 5 – 2 (Obviously injuries greatly reduced our choice)

    Key posiitons need to be vastly improved (mainly the spine of the side where Dembele apart we are sadly lacking)

    Only as good as worst player….we had too many candidates for this dubious honour !!

    Caught out on basic defensive duties…players running in behind us, not just yesterday even v Inter Milan 3-3 draw VVD & Denayer were continually caught unaware of strikers movements. Get a Baresi or Maldini over for a month or so to teach players / coaches…or an Italian ex manager …we are learning nothing from previous mistakes

    • You’ve nailed a point here. BR has been slated for not having a Plan B. You rightly point out that he has tried numerous things to give us that solid base.

      Even the best defenders in world football make mistakes, the better ones are the ones that make the least and are the ones we can’t afford.

      Big VVD is not perfect but went for a hell of amount of money. See any defender at Man City who have paid £250m on defenders in the summer. Arsenal have a level of defender we can only dream off and they canny keep weans out a close….