Souness offers remarkable defence to Callum McGregor criticism

Graeme Souness has offered a remarkable explanation for his barbed criticism of Callum McGregor in Scotland’s defeat to Germany on Friday. The former Liverpool and Rangers manager was part of the punditry team and referred to McGregor as ‘the Celtic captain’ in what was deemed to be a pretty childish dig.

On Talksport on Monday morning, Souness responded to a caller that levelled criticism at the former Rangers man, prompting the bizarre, fairly implausible response.

“I can answer that, I couldn’t remember his name. But I knew he was captain of Celtic. I was critical of him because if you remember the build up to the goal, he tried to nick it off [Ilkay] Gundogan and Gundogan turned him.

“He should have just been goal side trying to get a challenge in, but he tried to step in front and nick it. Further on in the same attack which led to the goal, he’s tried to nick it off Jamal Musiala again. So twice he’s tried to nick it instead of just being strong in the challenge and that would’ve prevented us conceding that goal.

“I have to say, that question can only arise in the west of Scotland. I forgot his name, I couldn’t remember his name but I knew he was a good little football player and if it’s been taken as a slant or criticism, I didn’t mean it. I genuinely forgot his name.”

Souness, who is being employed as a pundit in these games, might have used his opportunity in the ITV studio to alert viewers to the fact that McGregor was left isolated by his midfield colleagues, allowing Germany to isolate and exploit the Celtic skipper. The comment was personal about McGregor and he’s rightfully apologised for it.

It is slightly concerning that one of the pro-Scotland pundits could not remember the name of someone that has been a constant in the national team for the last eight years. Scotland will now try and put this woeful performance from the squad to one side and focus on picking up four points in their remaining two games to attempt to qualify for the knockout stages.

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  1. Brian McAuley on

    How condescending “ He’s a good little player “ someone should tell Souness Macgegor has seven caps more than he has.

  2. If that is the best ‘reason’ Souness can come out with, then ITV, or his doctors need to be having a word with him! All the pundits have full teamsheets in front of them to make notes, and tie their comments in with the players involved. Clearly the name of Callum MacGregor, being an unheard of, never before mentioned, quadruple treble winner in Sounnes’s home country, was just too much of an opportunity for this bitter, punch drunk runt to pass up! Did he happen to mention the non existence of the 5 man defence who failed in their part to stop the German attackers? Not as far as I’ve read. ITV should looking to get rid of this idiot. FFS! We thought Boyd was bad on Sky, but this idiot is taking the biscuit!

  3. Seriously? Who cares? A corrupt has-been and people with a brain, yes, even his own persuasion, are laughing at him! Ignore him!