Speculation As Rodgers Alludes To Challenges This Season

Brendan Rodgers spoke to the media on the pitch after securing his fourth SPFL title as a Celtic manager, last night. During his interview, he told Sky Sports that “From a management perspective there’s been so much to manage.”

The Celtic boss then continued: “There’s been so many issues and some tedious stuff, a couple of words and it blows up.”

This is likely a reference to the Irishman’s infamous “Good girl” comment, which made headlines all over Britain. However, fans are also wondering what the other issues behind the scenes entail.

There has been the whole chaos surrounding Liel Abada leaving the club, the Green Brigade Ultras being banned from the stadium for a period and the Bhoys joining them in solidarity, transfers windows that fell short of expectation and the whole recent furore over Rodgers’ “have some fun” comment ahead of the Glasgow Derby.

In addition to the above, there has been an overhaul of the recruitment team and some fans wonder if there has been unrest at the club since the manager arrived.

Hopefully any past issues are ironed out and Celtic can advance with renewed enthusiasm next season.

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  1. Actually think Rodgers has finally overcome many of the hurdles he faced with taking over myself?
    Actually believe that he has also built a stronger foundation than Ange actually did imo?
    Rodgers was prepared to address the issues and challenges that the 8 homegrown rule brings to ourselves, where Ange tended to ignore that issue somewhat imo?
    This is still a requirement for ourselves which accounts for a third of our overall squad for next season still?
    A rejuvenated James forrest has been a massive benefit to ourselves this season, especially within the business end of the season?
    Even Welsh is looking better under Rodgers than Ange and still potentially worthy of retaining his squad place also?
    Could the same possibly be in the making for a returning Mikey Johnston?
    Seeing the possibly potential of Kelly and lawal being added to the squad and this without knowing where monty and frame could be maybe within the plans, and of course what the outcome of vata and might Bain yet be?
    So getting competition for our 8 homegrown players within our squad is a massive boost, especially as its been an area within our overall squad that has been left idle for years now?
    Still think that it’s possibly the best achievement of Rodgers addressing this season, for our benefit next season and beyond imo?
    We have seen a few glimpses of how beneficial it can still be for ourselves, especially when our club has such a proud history of what we have in creating our own legends?
    Very happy to see that aspect of the club potentially returning again, especially when it’s such a requirement within the squad game of today?
    Who could be our 8 homegrown players for next season, might be a guessing game at this stage, but certainly should be better than having to turn to the likes of Bain and Mccarthy to be just making up numbers, but without them having to be depended upon in providing anything on our playing side?
    The conveyor belt seems to have started to be put in motion eventually, after sitting idle for way too long within our club imo?

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