St Mirren’s Extremely Short Memories, Don’t Hold Your Breath

St Mirren, as a football club have decided NOT to give Champions Celtic a Guard of Honour at Celtic Park this afternoon, following on from a similar snub from the bitterest of rivals across the city last Saturday afternoon.

This decision apparently was taken not by the football department at St Mirren but in those in the baordroom upstairs. It’s their decision of course and one that will have little or no impact on Celtic this afternoon.

But it is worth pointing out that when Celtic played St Mirren after their League Cup Final win over Hearts in 2013 and were sporting enough to provide a Guard of Honour for then St Mirren captain Jim Goodwin and his St Mirren teammates.

That courtesy and good sportsmanship between the rival clubs will not be reciprocated this afternoon in a decision that edges the Paisley side closer in their behaviour to their nearest neighbours over in Govan.

John Kennedy was asked about the latest Guard of Honour snub at yesterday’s Media Conference , this time by Stephen Robinson’s side, but gave a short and sharp response.

“We can’t really affect that anyway. So it doesn’t make any difference. We’ll just look at our performance go out there and try and win the game. That’s all we do,” Kennedy said.

The snub nevertheless will be noted and remembered, maybe the next time that St Mirren win a trophy, just don’t hold your breath.

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The Celtic Star founder and editor David Faulds has edited numerous Celtic books over the past decade or so including several from Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell and Jim Craig. Earliest Celtic memories include a win over East Fife at Celtic Park and the 4-1 League Cup loss to Partick Thistle as a 6 year old. Best game? Easy 4-2, 1979 when Ten Men Won the League. Email


    • Sevco have turned the spl inyo a hateful unsporting league fillef with diving time waisting surrounding ref to gets players booked yes its sevco that has set the standard cause no history they are nothing like old co there are a group of anti catholic who will win at any cost stopping away fans now most teams do it we have empyy seats in most stadiums not nice to see on tv but i can understand parents not wantinh to bring there kids to games with the hatred between the clubs not just CFC -1888 and RIFC-2012 not RFC 1872 – 2012 the hatred by sone supporters police have to start dragging them out like the 60ish and 70ish that was police that earnd there respect we badly need these police back if you are not doing anything then you had nithing to worry about players have to act like grown up cantwell behaviour in pumping his supports up if its done inthe right times not going for a throw in knowing there are know oppistion fans not allowed im sure norwich supporters wont miss this all me behaviour im sure we have met guys like that in life and aviod them now

  1. Allaboutceltic on

    Who gives a flying fuck if St. Mirren or any other team wants to do a guard of honour this season or any other season. The only people who seem to care about it is the fannie’s looking fill inches in their columns, whether that MSM, forums, blogs or podcasts. I really couldn’t care less, nor could the Celtic team. Taking offence on someone else’s behalf is pitiful and best left to the blue morons and their media biased support. Who’ll be thinking about guards of honour when we lift our 3rd trophy this season and world record 8th treble…


    • Honestly couldn’t care less about a guard of honour. Something that has been created by media in recent years to provoke reaction. I do have a recollection though of St Mirren giving us a guard of honour at Love St after we won the league many years ago.

  2. Yes media and internet cause a lot if not most hatred from death threats to refs chairmans getting there family threatened Scotlands Version KKK faceless people internet should make them give correct and full name with email the wont do it if there there identity is open