‘Stupid and unnecessary’: Sutton’s take on Dubai scandal

The storm rightly still rages on from Celtic’s Dubai debacle, with what seems to be every pundit across the United Kingdom giving their tuppence on the situation. Ally McCoist and Charlie Nicholas have given two of the biggest damning verdicts on the situation – and they keep on coming; this time courtesy of a Celtic talisman from the 2000’s, Chris Sutton.

Sutton, who has gone on to become a pundit following his exit from Paradise in 2006, has slammed Celtic’s board for allowing the trip to go ahead – stating that “care has gone out of the window.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 5, Sutton said: “I defended the trip previously. As far as I was concerned, if they had been given the go ahead by the authorities and were sticking to the rules then it was up to them. I will stand up for them if they haven’t done anything wrong. They might not have broken the rules but they’ve shattered all the rules of common sense.”

“Of course there was eyebrows raised about the timing, but everyone was assured the risks were minimal. That’s been shown to be a nonsense.”

“I don’t know what’s gone on out there but they will need to get to the bottom of how Jullien caught the virus. Were the protocols being followed correctly? Kennedy has admitted mistakes were made. That looks like putting it mildly right now.”

“It’s hard to get your head around how stupid and unnecessary it all is. Taking Jullien was another risk given he wouldn’t be taking part in training. The whole point about travelling right now is you take extra care to make sure nothing goes wrong but it looks like that has gone right out of the window!”

Some quintessentially wise words from a man who is typically full of controversial opinion; let’s hope that Sutton has given his former team mates Lennon and Kennedy a stern word over the phone as they show off their Dubai tans.

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