Surprise at UEFA leniency, but it was the correct call

Surprise at UEFA leniency, but it was the correct call…or perhaps it was more self awareness that leniency as UEFA would probably have liked to have fined Celtic for the support’s Palestine flag protest, but given their own activities surrounding the war in Ukraine, they realised that they had no choice but to turn a blind eye to the Celtic supporters flag waving in support of a country where an aggressive neighbour is waging war on them.

There was expectations of a heavy fine yet again for the club after the display of Palestinian flags, but surprisingly no mention was made of such by Uefa in their recent reports. The board will no doubt breathe a huge sigh of relief that they won’t need to put their hands in their pockets and part with yet more cash.

The supporters on the other hand won’t bother a jot as ‘we done nowt wrong’, and UEFA know that fine well too.

European football’s govern body much like our own hierarchy are nothing but hypocrites. They don’t mind bringing politics into football when it suits them and too punish our supporters as they’ve done in the past for the same thing would open up a whole new can of worms for them.

Some will say that by turning a blind eye UEFA have given us a free rein to do so again, and? It’s perfectly ok for us to do so. The chances of stopping Celtic supporters, and indeed supporters around the world, from flying the Palestine flag in support of the Palestinian people, are nil anyway.

All that the Celtic supporter were doing was showing compassion for fellow human beings, it was the right thing to do, and something we will continue to do no matter what UEFA or our own board think.

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  1. Thomas Davidson on

    Isn’t it more likely that UEFA took no action because of the measures that Celtic had taken prior to the match, in particular, banning the Green Brigade? If the authorities felt that the club had taken reasonable steps to avoid any rule breaches that would surely have influenced their decision. And the idea that fining or otherwise punishing Celtic would have ‘opened up a can of worms’ is nonsense: if it was felt that a penalty was appropriate, a penalty would have been imposed: there would have been no consequences for UEFA, after all. The fact that no case was brought shouldn’t be regarded as a precedent and mustn’t be regarded as justification of anything that the Green Brigade has done. The Green Brigade have contempt for the rules, contempt for the Celtic board and, in truth, contempt for ordinary fans. The Green Brigade exists solely to further its own agenda and we’ve been too slow to realize that. Whatever comments may be made at the AGM, the ban must stay.