Sutton labels Robbie Savage “a fool” for Celtic and Leicester comparison

Chris Sutton has taken a pop at BT Sport colleague Robbie Savage, calling him “a fool” for his nonsense talk about Ange Postecoglou and Celtic being a smaller club than Leicester City. It comes after the pair were hosting BBC 5 Live’s football phone-in show and one of the subjects in question was who the new City manager would be after Brendan Rodgers departed.

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The Foxes, of course, took Celtic manager Rodgers away from Parkhead back in the February of 2019 in returning the favour after we acquired Martin O’Neill from them in 2000. It was a move that provoked outrage for the way in which it was handled and the Hoops supporters couldn’t believe he left the club in such a fashion – never mind to a provincial club like Leicester.

Savage commented that Postecoglou had been mentioned, highlighting how Rodgers had left Celtic to join the Premier League side. Savage, who likes to think he’s smart when it comes to talking to Sutton about Celtic, told BBC’s 5 Live: “I see Ange Postecoglou’s linked Chris, Brendan Rodgers left Celtic to go to a bigger club, what would you think, the training facilities…”

However, Sutton retorted: “You are a fool. You think Ange Postecoglou would walk out after what happened with Brendan and the feeling towards Brendan from most Celtic fans still? Brendan did a phenomenal job at Celtic. Then he went down to a smaller club in Leicester City, are you telling me Ange Postecoglou right now would walk away from Celtic to go to Leicester in a relegation battle?”

But Savage still continued his delusional and frankly pathetic line of argument, quipping: “I really don’t know. I can’t speak for Ange Postecoglou but you would be going to a bigger club.”

There’s not a chance in hell Postecoglou would leave Celtic right now to head to a team such as Leicester City. Fighting a relegation battle with very little funding due to the circumstances affecting the owners company. It would be sheer and utter bedlam if that were to happen and it would wreck Ange’s connection with the supporters. He knows what he’s got at Celtic Park. He won’t ruin that for an irrelevant English Premier League club.

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  1. What the so called pundits like savage etc forget is that we are dealing with two different types. One (Rodgers) had previous attachment with the EPL and we all knew (albeit begrudgingly) that he was using us to repair his reputation before going back down south. Ange however does not have any such history and if he was to go down would look to a side capable of challenging for at least a european qualification (which his beloved Leicester are absolutely not even remotely capable of)
    He will move on eventually (maybe 18 months 2 years ) but it will be to a club with ambitions and which will allow him time to build – however after Slippy G shat the bed at Villa (and he was supposed to be this great manager genius), can see that the EPL clubs (with the way they look down their noses at Scottish football) would want some european competition success (especially the types of club that Ange would be interrested in )