talkSPORT pundit in belittling dig at Eddie Howe

It’s imminent, isn’t it…? Surely there cannot be much more time bided before Eddie Howe is announced as Celtic manager. Media reports from left, right and centre suggest the Englishman is the man to go behind the helm, complete with a ‘silence as golden’ stance from the man himself.

Yet, for some people, the ceremonious and drawn out appointment just isn’t suitable.

As joyful and yet at the same time pessimistic as ever, Jordan belittled Howe with a quite scathing verdict on talkSPORT, saying that Celtic’s long awaited appointment of the former Bournemouth and Burnley manager is ‘over the top’ and that the club should just get it done. He’s right, in a way, but the wording of it makes the ordeal come across as incredibly perplexing.

Speaking to Britain’s most controversial sports radio station, Jordan said: “I still can’t work out what’s the issue with Eddie Howe. I mean it has been taking a long time, we’re not getting somebody of the highest calibre, are we?” We’re not trying to get Zidane to come and join Celtic with the greatest respect. We are trying to get Eddie Howe, we’re hearing all kinds of manner of things.”

“Celtic fans will have a view because, ultimately, if they had won the league this year and fired Neil Lennon and still hadn’t got a manager, they wouldn’t be saying ‘we’re not going to renew our season tickets’ because we haven’t got a manager.. they would be saying ‘we’re excited to see what you’re going to be doing”.

Harsh words from a man who has gone from being Crystal Palace’s chairman – submerging them in administration along the way – before becoming a regular panelist at clickbait centric talkSPORT, lecturing the public on how those who run football clubs successfully should run them the way he thinks; as history suggests, unsuccessfully. Whatever floats your boat Simon…

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  1. I agree, this whole episode so far by our board has become farcical, I’ve seen better run pub teams than this board are doing, months and still no manager in sight, rumours mean nothing if howe is the no.1 choice and he wants the job there is no reason on earth for this delay,as I said previously run by a micky mouse board who should have gone months ago.