Teddy Bears are Terrified! “The fear of Ten won’t go away,” admits Weir

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A RANGERS legend yesterday revealed the extent of the FEAR that exists at Ibrox about Celtic edging closer to Ten in a Row.

Big John Hartson was put in front of the media yesterday by BT Sport to talk about Celtic’s Europa League match against RB Leipzig tomorrow evening, and the former Celtic star, did just that – he spoke about Celtic, see HERE.

And the broadcaster also put up a former Rangers star to talk about Spartak Moscow v Rangers but all he wanted to talk about was CELTIC! Specifically Celtic winning Ten in a Row!

David Weir revealed that they are terrified!

“The fear of ten won’t go away and that is the nature of the beast,” he said.

“Everyone knows that is in the back of every Rangers fans’ mind and that is the worst-case scenario. They would sacrifice everything else for that to be stopped.

“I don’t think the fans want to close the gap on Celtic, they went to get past them.

“Closing the gap isn’t good enough. People can talk about six points, nine points, or 30 points, it is still a gap. Until you overcome the gap, will the fans be happy?

“They have to look to win all their games before the O** F**** game in December because everyone is capable of beating anyone in this league, you have seen that already this season.

“Hearts have improved, so have Hibs and Kilmarnock and Aberdeen are always competitive. Then you look at the Livingstons and Motherwells, these are difficult games as well.

“If you are playing on a Thursday night and then coming back and having to play on a Sunday lunchtime, it is tough on you. So Rangers have to navigate that to be competitive and challenging Celtic.

“Fortunately for them, right now, Celtic are in the same boat. That keeps it on a level playing field, but the other teams aren’t and that gives them a slight advantage going into matches.

“Rangers are going to have to work doubly hard,” Weir told the media.

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