“That would have been the best feeling in the world for her,” Shannon McGregor

Shannon McGregor spoke to the media this afternoon and The Celtic Star were in attendance to speak with the new signing…

From her excitement to play Champions League football to what position we can expect to see her playing in, here’s everything our new Ghirl had to say…

The Celtic Star (Jessica Elliott) : Just how excited are you to be here at Celtic?

Shannon McGregor: “I’m extremely excited. I grew up as a Celtic fan my whole life so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Jessica Elliott: What was it that attracted you to the club?

Shannon McGregor: “The league win is a huge thing that I would love to do with this club. And also the Champions League as well.”

Jessica Elliott: How much are you looking forward to playing Champions League football?

Shannon McGregor: “I can’t wait. I’ve experienced that at Hibs, I know what it feels like and I can’t wait to get that feeling again. I think it’s something you always want to do in your football career so I’m really looking forward to that.

Jessica Elliott: Have you had a chance to speak to many of the girls yet?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah. I know a few of the girls already. I’m quite close with Amy Gallacher so I’ve had a few conversations with her already.”

The Celtic Star Editor: When you were at Hibs and the title battle was going on last season, what was the feeling in the Hibs camp as to who was going to go on and win the league?

Shannon McGregor: “That’s probably quite a difficult question. From the games we watched, it was kind of 50/50. But I think that’s for every team in the league, there’s always ups and downs in the league all the way through the season. There wasn’t really a Celtic or Rangers, I think it was just kind of seeing game by game.

The Celtic Star Editor: Did you feel that Hibs could maybe do something against Celtic on the final day of the season to decide the title race?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah, I think for Hibs that wasn’t the main focus. I think the main focus was to give a good performance and to get a result for Hibs. It wasn’t to make the league, it wasn’t for that. It was more how Hibs performed and I think they gave a good performance.”

The Celtic Star Editor: On a personal level, were you delighted for Amy Gallacher when she scored that goal?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah, I was really delighted for her. I think she really deserved it. I think she had a great season. We all heard the fans roar, I think that would have been the best feeling in the world for her.”

The Celtic Star: What did Elena Sadiku have to say to you when you were talking about coming to the club and did you need much convincing?

Shannon McGregor: “It was a hard decision for me. I’ve been at Hibs for over seven years so it was going to be a difficult decision for me but Celtic’s always had a huge place in my heart and I think I definitely made the right decision.”

The Celtic Star Editor: What message would you give to the Celtic support about the type of player we can expect from yourself?

Shannon McGregor:  “I’ve got a lot of experience in the league. I’ve been in this league for over ten years. I would say I’m very hard-working, very determined and I like to play a good style of football, keeping the ball on the floor, being attacking and going forward.”

Q: How do you see yourself, and how does Elena see you, fitting into this side positionally and what position is your favourite?

Shannon McGregor: “We’ve had that conversation. I like to play any, the eight, the 10 or the six, that doesn’t really bother me as long as I’m playing. Coming to Celtic, I know I’ve got competition, but I’m looking forward to that competition.”

Q: You’ve spoken about your mentality and injuries you’ve had to overcome, how do you think that’s contributed to the attributes that you’ll bring to this side?

Shannon McGregor: “I think it gives you a lot of resilience as a player and as a person as well. You learn a lot from being injured, I did personally. I had three major knee injuries so during that time being on the sidelines, you learn a lot as both a person and a player. Also being in that gym for a long period of time, you gain a lot of determination and work ethic as well.”

Q: You’ve previously said that you’re one of those rare footballers who is a fan of pre-season. Is there anything specific that you’ve been doing this summer to prepare for your new role?

Shannon McGregor: “I’ve been given stuff from the sports science. It’s been great to have a change, I haven’t had a change for a long time. It’s great to have that plan and to be ready to go into pre-season. It’s something new, it’s something fresh. It gives you a bit more motivation to do that and I’ve got a point to prove as well. I need to stay fit and I want to do the best I can in pre-season.”

Q: People always talk about pressure. Do you feel that pressure as a new player?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah of course. Being a new player is always going to have that pressure. I think even just going into a new changing room is going to be different for me. But I want to feel that pressure. I want that pressure to move me forward as a player and as a person.”

Q: Do you feel as though there’s confidence and optimism that the team can go further in the Champions League this season?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah, definitely. I think we can see that from the league win. I think that will gain a lot of confidence in the players and as a club. So yeah, definitely, I think we can give it a good go.”

Q: Was that a selling point for you? That you can take a step up and compete at an elite level?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah, that’s something at this stage in my career that I wanted to do. I want to progress myself and challenge myself as a player and as a person. Being in that Champions League and looking to win the league will challenge me, and that’s what I’m looking to do.”

Q: This is the first time that Celtic FC Women will go into a campaign with a title to defend. Do you expect a different kind of pressure for yourself and the club?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah, definitely. I think all players should have the pressure to go on and to regain that trophy. That’s what we want and we want to keep that for as long as we can.”

Q: What was it like as a Hibs player watching the final-day celebrations?

Shannon McGregor: “I could feel and see the emotions at the side of the pitch. I can’t imagine how it felt for the players and the staff. It was amazing to see that and I think the way it happened probably made it a little bit more exciting as well. Hibs managed to leave it until the very last minute so it made it a lot more exciting. I think it was good for the league to have that as well.”

Q: Is international football something you’ll be thinking about?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah. Playing internationally has been my dream since I was a young girl so that’s something I want to aim for and hopefully I can do that.”

Q: Have you had any chats at all with Pedro Martinez Losa?

Shannon McGregor: “There’s not been direct chat but I’ve had conversations in the background about things that I can improve and do going forward.”

Q: Were you capped at youth level?

Shannon McGregor: “Yeah. I played 17s and 19s, all the way through.”

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