The 77th Scottish League Cup final now approaches. So where stand we?

Well, according to some, we are in a very good place. To listen to some of the things I have read in the Celtic media and even the general media, we are almost past the post. My friends, this is a very dangerous state of mind to be in.

One is never past the post before a game starts – otherwise why are we all prepared to spend a considerable amount of money or why have we decided to devote all Sunday afternoon in front of the telly even to the extent of buying in a funny channel that keeps changing its name and that we would never dream of watching at any other time?

There can be little doubt that, man for man, we have better players than our opponents and the League positions would tend to suggest that we are the better team. One way or other, this will still be true after Sunday’s game, but that is a million miles away from saying that we will win Sunday’s game. The game will be won ON THE DAY not necessarily by the better team, but by the team who scores the most goals, and refereeing decisions will be important. Sadly, hideously but inevitably, VAR and all its works will come into it as well, and for all sorts of reasons, we can take nothing for granted.

Motivation is hardly likely to be a problem for either side, but it is up to Ange’s men to have that little bit more. There must be loads of appetite, and a desire to get to the ball first. The semi final of the Scottish Cup last year was lost to a team that was that bit sharper to the ball and which showed just a shade more desire to win. On Sunday that team must be Celtic.

No one will be able to say that Sunday is “just” the League Cup. In the past, it has often been the habit of the losing side to imply that it didn’t really matter anyway and that the League is the important thing. So it is, but so often the winner of one competition is the winner of the other was well, and both are of crucial importance.

The small matter of nine League points is something to bear in mind, but if you are nine points ahead with the League Cup already in your cabinet, the gap may begin to appear unbridgeable. If you are nine points behind and by some fortune, you have defeated your opponents in another trophy, then the nine points don’t look quite so formidable.

Oh, and please do not anyone call this trophy in my hearing by any name other than the Scottish League Cup! It has nothing to do with any TV station, soft drinks, beer or anything else. It is the Scottish League Cup. A Raith Rovers supporter recently reminded me, in case I had forgotten, that his team had once defeated Celtic in a penalty shoot out. I said “Oh? When was that?”. He then said something about a world famous soft drinks firm, allowing me to then say “Was that some Mickey Mouse, pre-season, tournament held in Florida or the Isle of Man or someplace?”.

The tournament is the Scottish League Cup, and tomorrow we will examine the history of Celtic in this competition.

David Potter


Don’t forget there’s some Friday Night Football under the lights this coming Friday when Fran Alonso’s title challenging Celtic side take on theRangers at the Excelsior Stadium in Airdrie with the match only open to Celtic supporters.  Celtic are a point ahead of theRangers at the moment and three behind Glasgow City who we play a week on Sunday, also over at Airdrie.  A win against theRangers takes Celtic to the top of the league and a win the following Sunday will really put Celtic in the driving seat for our first ever SWPL1 Title. Get along and support the team, for  full ticket details click below…COYGIG!

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  1. I’m with you mate. A long way to go and a lot of bad decisions and honest mistakes by the establishment, still to be made. I have a long life experience to back this.