‘The best thing that’s ever happened on a television,’ Alan Partridge’s must see Irish Guests

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AT the end of last year, broadcasters refused celebrity Celtic supporter Sir Rod Stewart permission to sing his version of GRACE on the BBC, yet this evening something quite remarkable happened.

Steve Coogan’s renowned character Alan Partridge had an Irish guest on his new BBC show tonight that has been causing quite a stir and will certainly win a place on the notorious Banned list complied by the Govanites.

The satirical show pokes fun at modern TV with the North Norfolk Digital veteran presenting.
And in the episode tonight, Coogan dressed up as an Irish guest and began to sing rebel songs – namely – ‘Come Out You Black and Tans’ as well as ‘Men Behind the Wire’.

Take a look…

“The best thing that’s ever happened on a television,” a Bhoy said on Twitter.

“Couldn’t believe what I was watching!!” said another.

“This is gonna go down well with peepul” another Celt said.

“They’ll be frantically emailing the Beeb on this.”

“I fully expect a Tom English article condemning this and demanding strict liability be brought into the spoof chat show industry.”

It is staggeringly funny sketch, although, we should note that this made it onto The BBC the day after a Celtic fan flying a tricolour on St. Patricks Day had his flag confiscated, and just a few months after The BBC deemed that Rod Stewart’s Grace was too controversial for them…

Here’s Rod singing Grace, which thankfully is played by at Celtic Park and is sung so beautifully by the Celtic support…


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