The curious case of Benjamin Siegrist falling behind Scott Bain in Celtic’s pecking order

The curious case of Benjamin Siegrist…

Celtic’s Joe Hart and Benjamin Siegrist at Full Time during a cinch Premiership match between Celtic and Dundee United at Celtic Park, on September 25, 2021, . (Photo by Craig Foy / SNS Group)

Swiss born Benjamin Siegrist, remember him? Our third choice goalkeeper who was signed back in 2022 on a free transfer from Dundee United. Ben has since made a solitary competitive appearance in his time at the club. Indeed the only way you would know he was still here is through his numerous social media posts which are a regular occurrence.

Ben was considered a decent signing when he joined the club two years ago, and with good reason as he showed his ability against us on more than a few occasions with Dundee United during his time at Tayside.

Despite him being highly rated, he was mainly seen as third choice behind Scott Bain under the management of Ange Postecoglou and Brendan Rodgers.

Both managers however would have seen more of the keepers up close than me or you, so they must have had good reason to regard Ben as third choice.

With Ben, who is only 32 and that’s young for a goalkeeper, now having more or less confirmed that he’s set to leave the club this summer, it remains a mystery as to why he couldn’t muster more first team appearances than he did.

Siegrist still has two years left on his contract but appears to have negotiated a deal with Celtic that will allow him to leave on a free transfer, and of course save Celtic the wages on a player who has contributed next to nothing since his arrival.

Speaking to Swiss based media outlet Blink, Siegrist explained his intentions to move on from the current situation at Celtic.

“After my last day at work, I’ll leave as soon as possible. And I’ll never come back here,” he said, referring to Celtic. On talk of his plans to move to Australia, he also denied that this was going to be the case, for now at least, as he intends to continue playing in Europe for now.

Ange Postecoglou brought him to Celtic apparently as number two to Joe Hart, but that never really materialised with Scott Bain getting that job under the now Tottenham manager and his replacement at Celtic, Brendan Rodgers. Siegrest explained how his move from Dundee Utd to Celtic about.

“After the game against Celtic, their goalkeeping coach asks me for my cell phone number. I was supposed to be number two behind Hart.”

On talk of his plans to move to Australia, he also denied that this was going to be the case, for now at least, as he intends to continue playing in Europe for now.

“No. I’m going to retire there. But not yet. Britt (his Australian fiancé) has already indicated that she could do her podcast from Europe. We’re excited.”

Getting Siegrist out the door as part of the ‘dead wood’ at Lennoxtown will be a shrewd move for the club. His is a curious case though, and while you could make a strong case for him being behind Joe Hart over the past three seasons, it’s much more debatable that Scott Bain deserved to be ahead of Siegrist in the pecking order.

But that’s from the outside looking in and the Celtic managers (Ange and Brendan) appear to have come to the same conclusion and it’s them who picked the teams. Hopefully Ben Siegrist can find himself a decent club and get back to playing regularly.

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  1. Was actually surprised just how poor big Ben was with the ball at his feet, especially when we are looking to be playing out from the back?
    He was in fairness capable of making Joe Hart looking like Pele with the ball in comparison imo?
    Bain possibly jumped ahead of big Ben over that issue, helped with filling the 8 homegrown quota also?
    Yet if you took the combined qualities of both big Ben and Bain and combined them into 1 keeper, we still wouldn’t end up with a keeper worthy of claiming our no1 Jersey imo?
    It’s why I believe that we could well be in the market for 2 keepers over the course of the summer?
    Don’t think that we will be in a position to have to use Bain as a no2 keeper, because we hopefully will be able to fill that requirement without him imo?
    Bain may well fill a 3rd choice role, especially as I don’t think we have that just yet, and Bain isn’t going to be in much demand, certainly whilst holding a contract with ourselves by all accounts?
    Bain seems to be of great character, so possibly still got a role to help 2 new keepers settle into the club, especially with so comfortable in the backup role, and good within the changing room also, again by all accounts?
    So no surprise that big Ben should be leaving, and can’t see Bain current contract being renewed either, and haven’t a clue what that current situation is either?
    We never really had stability in the overall keeper department, especially as so dependent upon Hart in the position, but still think that will be changing from what was in position within the keepers department for the past 3 years, will be potentially be better for ourselves come the start of next season imo?

  2. Benjamin joined Celtic on the back of being the #1 star goalkeeper in the world the season prior. He has world class status potential and Celtic ruined him. Just like other players in the past including Andrew Robertson, Celtic have a reputation of overlooking their lower paid players and being obligated to play over paid players as a default stance. An easy mistake to make as a manager. The right move will see Seigrist (a World Cup winning goalkeeper remember) making an impact as Swiss #1 in future years

    • Not sure how to break this to you my friend but the goalkeeper you are referring to isn’t Benjamin Siegrist. I have absolutely no idea who it is you are talking about but it’s certainly not Siegrist

  3. I remember you when Celtic offered United 1 million pounds for Willo Flood. The only problem was he was on Loan to United. They didn’t own him lmao. Celtic often are unable to recognize talent when it hits them in the face because they are so focussed on foreign markets. Facts are Seigrist saved more shots and had highest save ratio in the world the season he left United. Celtic signed him as a result. Though it was destined not to happen as the managers don’t know him and had no interest whatsoever in playing him as a result. Imagine keeping a Dundee reject goalkeeper over a U21 World Cup winner

    • You be a bit confused. Siegrist won the U17 world cup with Switzerland not the U21. That was 15 years ago. Since then he has done nothing in his career worth talking about. Few seasons at Dundee Utd are his highlight. You talk about Celtic being focused on foreign talent. We got Siegrist from another Scottish team. We have been paying him a decent wage these past few seasons. He has had a chance under two top level managers and failed to impress either. If he was good enough he would play, instead he isn’t even considered good enough to oust Scott Bain and that says it all really