The Dark Arts are at Play and Celtic are the Recipients of Their Rage

All In For theRangers? Must Be Glasgow Derby Week!…

Of course it’s Glasgow Derby week; the Scottish media are out in force with a series of bizarre headlines fostering a wish list of all things theRangers, damning Celtic to the core. It’s not unexpected, in fact, it’s totally in line with past performance, with Celtic fans’ expectations of crossed lines being met with vigour and venom, and then some.

Uncrossed lines would suggest that, as Champions elect, with Celtic requiring a single victory from five matches to take yet another Title, there would be a modicum of respect for our club in regard to a fantastic tactical and statistical achievement, and the distinct possibility of a Treble of trophies in the revolutionary, Ange Postecoglou’s second year at the helm in Paradise, having acquired two in his first.

One down, two to go for Ange Postecoglou. Photo Kenny Ramsay

However, in this self-confessed, ‘best wee country in the world’, the MSM knives are being sharpened in a bid to detract from, or derail this phenomenal procurement by duplicity, subterfuge and deflection. No matter how common this craftwork has become, it still rankles, and must always be challenged.

Fortunately, the Celtic diaspora have master craftsmen of their own, and the truth shall out through ‘mad bloggers’ and ‘keyboard warriors’, fortunately ones of our ilk, truth tellers and factual revelationists; keymen and women who refuse to take the knee when faced with lies and damned lies regarding ‘trifles’ such as the Irish famine, one which is mocked in song and verse by the Ibrox legions who gleefully perpetrate an atrocity of genocidal proportions.

The self-same ones who are seeking meetings with the police and footballing authorities regarding their ‘appalled’ state of minds following Aberdeen fans’ chants up at Pittodrie on Sunday past, a match which saw a Celtic loanee and an ex-Celtic winner in the dugout destroy their superiority complex with a 2-0 shafting. But… they were ‘appalled’ as the victorious Dons fans sang in a ‘sectarian manner’ and chanted about dead Rangers players and fans.

Read that back to yourself! theRangers are hurt by the equivalent words and actions which have brought them the only title they’ll achieve this season, ‘Scotland’s Shame!’ Think, Tommy Burns, Johnny Doyle, Phil O’Donnell, Jock Stein, any one, or all of The Lisbon Lions, men who’s incredible summit ascensions and very lives have been defecated on by the Pittodrie plaintiffs.

Flags, banners and even scarves are moulded in the Ibrox cultural image, one which revels in the child abuse curse which has blighted several – not just Celtic – institutions in the UK and Ireland, INCLUDING the previous Govan outfit. This is not forgotten, just shelved for the value of hatred and spite.

Now, try to feel sorry for those who’s hysterical loathing of our beloved Celtic warriors seep deeply into the pores of a deceptive Scots culture, people who speak with a sectarian forked tongue, but are now bleeding from the heart as a result of the reciprocation up north. Try hard. Of course, none of these behaviours are to be lauded as they are equally abhorrent in the mindset of any reasonable and decent human being. There’s nothing good or noble about hating on someone’s dead, or living for that matter.

The very people who should be condemning these hateful outages are the people put into a position of trust, ‘journalists’ who are complicit by stirring up hearts and minds in an attempt to sell copy. They pander to the lowest forms of cultural anomalies by focussing on the lowest common denominator, sectarian hatred. It’s forever been their end game, and it works. The songs and chants on the terraces are living proof of this, sung by paying customers procured by the media pre-match and beyond.

Take, for example, the headlines in today’s newspapers, or any day this week. Please, take them! The conjurers of the dark arts are at play, always, and Celtic are the recipients of their rage and footballing chauvinism. ‘Rangers plot Celtic’s downfall’, ‘Despite Celtic’s phenomenal trophy haul over the last decade, they should have won more!’, ‘Rangers hunting Celtic down’, ‘no-mark ex-player claims managing Celtic is easy’, “theRangers captain, James Tavernier would walk into this Celtic team’, etc, etc.

Not, ‘Celtic set to take the Treble’, or ‘Postecoglou’s unbelievable record to be extended with five trophies out of six in his first two seasons’. No, it’s all about theRangers stopping the march to another record. Beale’s ambitions and Goldson’s importance.

Paranoid? The Scottish footballing hierarchy have decided that Celtic play theRangers on a Sunday, the day after a fiercely contested semi-final the day before on an horrendous, bumpy and cut-up pitch, which will suit only one half of the secondary semi-finalists. Guess who?

Celtic players celebrate Kyogo’s second goal. Photo Angus Johnston for The Celtic Star

In the post-split matches in which Celtic only need one win to secure the Title, we have been summoned to Tynecastle, and then Ibrox in the first two matches, one in which we will have something like, 1400 supporters to celebrate a possible Championship victory, the other, none. No chance the beaks would have given Celtic a home match in which to hopefully celebrate with 60,000. No chance!

Regardless of infractions from the media and the brown-brogued blazers, Ange Postecoglou will instruct his coaches to train his squad in exactly the way he has done for almost two seasons. He will demand their very best, whether it be in training or on the field of play regardless of who the opposition are on the day. This weekend he will motivate his team to greater heights than before, especially in a game of this magnitude, and he will do everything in his power to take Celtic to the Scottish Cup Final and bring home the Treble. He will do so because, “We Never Stop!”

Hail Hail!

Eddie Murray

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Eddie Murray – I Grew up with the Lions, coming from a Celtic-daft family. Played against Jinky once! Paradise was my second home and Dalglish was my hero. A long term Brisbane Bhoy for many years and have been blogging here for many years. Written a book on Ange/ Brisbane Roar/ Celtic which awaits publication. Writing on other genres as I speak. Top moments? Interviewing Cesar, Wispy, Cairney, The Maestro, Alan Thompson.


  1. Do you know what everyone of you haters of our great club, Hatred of Catholics and everything catholicism, But do you know what they can all sing dance shout etc etc,
    But we are Glasgow Celtic and we do not give a flying ruck what they all say what the hell do we care for we only know that there is going to be a show and “The Glasgow Celtic Will Be There”
    As the song says “Their Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, Champions Again Champions Again Champions Again Ole Ole Glasgow’s Green & White Hail Hail !!!

    • Oh but sadly we have to give a ruck!! It has to and should be continuously called out. Maybe one day it will stop. HH