The day Celtic won the Tennents Sixes

32 years ago today Celtic won the Tennents Sixes. A day of celebration, showing how deprived of success we were in the early 1990s…

32 years ago today Celtic won the Tennents Sixes. For younger readers that was an annual tournament for Scottish Premier League sides that was played during the winter indoors in the comfort of the SECC.

As the name suggests it was a six-a-side tournament which was played over two halves of seven minutes and thirty seconds in the group stage and ten minutes each in the knockout stages. Each side was allowed a squad of twelve players with unlimited substitutions, as long as six players stayed on the pitch at one time. There was even a sin bin. It was very American-like and even had the basketball themed countdown when time was running out.

Crowds would flock to the SECC to watch the sides in action, it was a family oriented atmosphere and was all in good fun. It wasn’t on the hard indoor surface though as the trainer-wearing pros got stuck in.

Celtic won the tournament on this day in 1992, their only success in the tournament. I and many others remember it fondly as we beat St Johnstone 4-2 in the final to clinch the trophy. Oh how we celebrate as we lifted that trophy. Okay it wasn’t our most memorable honour or a major one at that, but it was the only silverware many of us had witnessed in those dark days of the early nineties.

Today some take winning a double or treble for granted, back then we’d celebrate any sort of success. It just shows how far we’ve come in the past 30 years, and how some of us appreciate our current success more than others.

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