The Deafening Silence on Scotland’s Shame: Celtic fan murdered, “They slit his throat with a machete”

“Last Sunday in Glasgow 35 year old Kamil Charyszyn was murdered. Young polish father paid the highest price for where he is from and what he believed in. Thoughts and prayers with his Family . Spoczywaj w pokoju Kamilu…” PolskaNo1CSC

“A 35 year old Celtic Fan, Kamil Charyszyn was chased and killed at weekend in Glasgow by 3 men and 1 woman in Rangers colours, They slit his throat with a machete. Pure evil”…

This led to the brutal murder of Kamil Charyszyn and the silence from the Scottish media and our politicians is deafening. Yet some 17 year old idiot posted a racially motivated insult about Alfredo Morelos on an obscure social media platform and it was the main story on the two Scottish news shows on BBC Scotland and STV.

Before the game at the weekend we reported on these stickers that have been appearing all over Scotland, there is a report below about the one shown below appearing next to a school in Bearsden.

The week before that we have these racist bigots apparently breaking the lockdown restrictions to gather and video themselves – in front of children – singing about being up to their knees in other people’s blood.

In Bo’ness the message was clear – Catholics will be shot.

“Catholics are the victims of 57 per cent of ALL RELIGIOUSLY AGGRAVATED offences reported in Scotland.”

“Our problem is not so much sectarianism but anti-Catholicism”.

Maybe The Spectator will show some interest in this story?

This supporter notes that the media “are ignoring the fact that a Celtic fan was brutally murdered on the day of the game…Scotland is awash with graffiti about killing Catholics. Rangers fans have run amok in recent days….

“What say you? Journalists or puppets?”

Another supporter replied: “All the columns written over what was an alleged racist remark last week and here we have a father slain in the street in cold blood yet they won’t call it for what it is a racist sectarian murder.”

“Kamil Charyszyn was a father murdered because he supported a football team hated by others. This is a clear hate crime and should not be swept under the carpet by the Scottish media.”

“The media and police Scotland r terrified of the “peepul”when 2 Croatian fans wer stabbed outside ibrox the police spokesperson said it was “a disturbance between Croatian fans and Scottish fans”and this tragedy is called “Old Firm Rammy”

“BBC Scotland carried a full report on their website on Monday with a full description of the people the police wanted to speak to. Not a mention of Rangers Scarves, singing sectarian songs or coming from flats bedecked in union flags and bunting. BBC where truth goes to hide.”

“Have I missed the Justice Secretary’s condemnation of this hate crime. He’s always on twitter so sure he’ll be up any minute.”

A decent front page on Daily Record today but surely this hate crime murder should have merited their top story?

Help raise funds for Kamil’s family…

“After getting the families approval, I have set this page up to help kamil’s partner and kids through this horrendous time. Sadly Kamil was murdered on Sunday 21/3/21 around 10pm.

“Police are still investigating his death and we hope to get him justice! Kamil’s partner Agnieszka (Agnes) along with their 2 kids & stepson have been left destroyed after his brutal murder on Sunday. Let’s come together to help them through this horrible time.”

Donations are currently at £9770. You can contribute HERE.

Our condolences to Kamil’s family at this sad time. May he rest in peace.

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The Celtic Star founder and editor, who has edited numerous Celtic books over the past decade or so including several from Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell and Jim Craig. Earliest Celtic memories include a win over East Fife at Celtic Park and the 4-1 League Cup loss to Partick Thistle as a 6 year old. Best game? Easy 4-2, 1979 when Ten Men Won the League. Email


  1. Right guys this was a racial hate crime, as far as I’m aware Kamil did not follow Scottish football.
    He and his wife was shouted at to go to f**k back to where they came from this is a prodistant country. They were (are a lovely couple) and very friendly. 95% of this scheme held them in high

    • David Fraser on

      I’m from the scheme so don’t know were you get this 95% crap. Family hsve already said it is not football related and media have been told to remove any such links. Don’t stir the shitpot unless you are willing to lick the spoon…

  2. And these primitives, liars and mean people will accuse someone of racism. He can do nothing but fan hatred. Glasgow Rangers deserves only contempt.

  3. Brian Connolly on

    Bloody disgraceful sickening and a brutal death this young man had , but just shows you what I already knew police Scotland and all that wear their uniform have sectarianism running through their blood and most of the media that tried to sweep it under the carpet are no better and run by spineless puppets

  4. i have posted here before and it appears that we still don’t get it. the murder of this young man is disgusting but if you Celtic/Roman Catholics expect more fom the protestant establishment and right wing press, you are delusional. I ranted before about us being meek and doffing the cap to the establishment and I will ask again:
    How many of you reported the Chief of Police to the complaints commisionaire when his storm troopers escorted thousands of marchers to an unlawful gathering at George Square breaching all known Covid regs? How many? I’m suggesting you spend more time pestering them through the proper processes making sure you get answers and less time shouting on social media forums if you want justice for you, your families and Roman Catholics.

  5. Michael McMichael on

    Disgusting never heard that in the news rip bhoy hope they catch the barswerts

  6. Police mason Scotland and the corrupt government are a shower of scumbags and for the media in mason Scotland hope this wakes up the CELTIC fans and Catholics to stop buying their lies JOUNRLISTS are nothing but RATS in our country. SCUM THE LOT OF THEM.

  7. 3 men and a woman and they were potentially drunk……I’m astonished there wasn’t a ton of forensic info to go on. And if there is, why isn’t that leading to something….it’s good that this is being called out but not just this, the “stickers” of hate too and next to schools….I don’t want to politicise this but this is the sort of thing that the SNP need to watch out for. So hypothetically, their candidate goes to the door of someone who feels their community is being targeted. They say to the candidate, why is there a deafening silence about this? No, my vote comes with recognition of what’s going on here. That sort of thing. I don’t think it would motivate anyone to vote tory but, well with local elections coming up, then maybe if enough people do say this to candidates then it can be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem