‘The fight for the soul of football,’ a view from Down Under

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The secret meeting of a dozen of Europe’s biggest earners last week, had little to do with the game we love, and entirely to do with what is closest to their hearts, money.

From the Manchester clubs with their Arab and American billions, to Juventus, Bayern, PSG, Barcelona  et al with their sugar daddies/benefactors, their prime target is money, money, money.

These leeches, who already bleed the game dry, have come to the conclusion that their slice of the  pie is currently not nearly enough.

Fawning Infantino, and the gnomes of Nyon have bent over backwards, to accomodate this  cartel of super-rich brats, and it’s still not enough for a greed-feed.

For us on the outside looking in, this season it meant 4 rounds to qualify for the Champions League Group stages, and go cap in hand not forgetting to thank the powers that be for having us near the big table.<

For the likes of perennial German second divisioners Hoffenheim, and Spurs who haven’t won a title since before the birth of the Beatles, Infantino and co held the door ajar, fetlocks were tugged, and they were welcomed into the biggest Gentleman’s Clubs on the planet.

Spurs for their sins have been excluded from the Pommie cadre of the proposed new setup, and with a new stadium to pay for, their Chairman’s sphincter must be doing a jet-fuelled hokey-coney.

Night of the Long Knives have decided, that they are odds with the CL payout. They collectively agree that funds given to the various associations around Europe are undeserved.

Unfortunately  for him, the Lyin’ King, at The Rangers can no longer rely on a Celtic generated cheque from UEFA for Celtic’s participation in the Champions League, from now on in.

The very soul of our game is at stake here, in the most influencial football conference on the planet.

If these thieves are allowed to win, then the game in Europe will be at a watershed moment.

The crux of their devious plan is of course viewing figures, which in turn generate the advertising revenue they so covet.

And, that there is the fly in the ointment. How many times a season would you watch Liverpool v Arsenal?

The Associations of Spain, Germany, Italy, France and England should grow a set of cahones, and hunt these chancers from our game.

Man City  can’t currently fill their stadium on a Champions League night, the prospect of playing games in half empty stadia must be a concern.

This group is going to be reliant on supporters of other Clubs, tuning into their watered-down product. History though, has taught us that our game is parochial, and I’m 100% sure that no Evertonian would consider turning on the box or computer screen, to see the other side of their city lord it over them.

The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum, and at each of these exclusive  club’s, there is a money man busily rubbing his hands together, at the prospect of raking in even more of their ill-deserved blood money.

Historically in Scotland we’ve had one club, who are renowned for using underhand, and illegal methods to better their ambitions.

For these breakaway clubs, they are quite happy to flaunt their superiority, and damn the consequences.

When and not if, the time comes, you’ll have the ability to vote with your pockets. SOS (save our soccer) and the soul of the game that belongs, to each and every one of us.

Gerry Cassidy, Christchurch, New Zealand
Make a date for the eight.
In Brendan we trust, HH.

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