Tuesday’s Ghost Game – Why Celtic might not win the league on Wednesday night

Best team in the country, best team on the day. Champions elect Glasgow Celtic…

Good morning everyone, today is a Beautiful Sunday, a very Beautiful Sunday you could say and each and everyone one of us will be waking up with a big smile on our faces, even those who overdone it a little with yet another night of Glasgow Derby victory celebrations!

Brendan Rodgers said last week that we would be looking to have some fun, and he was a man of his word. We did indeed have plenty of fun, before, during and after the 2-1 win over theRangers.

Despite the nervy ending, (is there ever any other ending in these games?) we more than deserved our victory, barring one lapse in Celtic’s concentration for their goal, Joe Hart didn’t have a save to make. We were the hungriest team, the most talented team and a team of winners, we dominated the team of losers throughout, laving their captain disappointed yet again.

The only complaint was that we didn’t score more goals to further flex our authority. Brendan said that if the penalty had gone in we’d have been looking at four or five so that’s slightly annoying that we missed out on a real title winning skelping.

And theRangers looked like a side lacking in self belief, and are a very limited side in terms of ability, it’s a travesty that we even gave them a hint of hope in the title race.

However, you can only play what’s in front of you, and we got the job done, which all but guarantees us the title. Indeed we could go to Rugby Park on Wednesday night as Champions if theRangers fail to beat Dundee at Ibrox on Tuesday evening in what is going to be a well short of capacity crowd.

There’s a thread on their biggest forum talking about this game on Tuesday and asking who is going – judging by the responses none of them are!

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Daizen Maeda celebrates after his cross leads to Celtic’s second goal during the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and theRangers at Celtic Park  on May 11, 2024. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Older readers will remember that they had a game to play at Ibrox against Partick Thistle in May 1979 a few days after the 4-2 game where Celtic needed to win to become Champions. A draw would have meant that Rangers just needed to beat Thistle to become Champions. Ibrox would have been packed. In turned out that in what was know as ‘The Ghost Game’ just a few thousand showed up.

History has a funny way of repeating itself…

It was a pleasure to be at Celtic Park yesterday. The atmosphere was electric and the final scoreline made it all the better. These are the days that you truly appreciate as a Celtic supporter. Best team in the country, best team on the day, Champions elect Glasgow Celtic…on now to Rugby Park where we might have to get a point to wrap up the title, depending on what happens in the Ghost Game at Ibrox the night before…

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Brendan Rodgers, Manager of Celtic, greets fans as he steps off the coach prior to the  Glasgow Derby Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and theRangers at Celtic Park on May 11, 2024. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

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  1. Could well be a factor to be used for our advantage for the potential title party on Wednesday night all the same?
    The perfect situation for ourselves would be for the scum to drop points and we go to killie as champions?
    The reason why?
    Is it avoids Rodgers having to take any risks with returning players from injuries, upon that surface?
    Possibly a long shot all the same as would still expect the scum to beat Dundee?
    So we could be looking at a situation where do we risk CCV, Calmac and Hatate upon such a surface, especially when we know killie will be looking to rough up our player’s, like they did so effectively in the 2nd half last time we were there?
    Also it’s highly unlikely that AJ will be available, so no real cover in the full backs areas as such either?
    So as much as we remain in celebration mood with near enough securing the title eventually, there still remains a fair bit to do in turning this season into a double winning season all the same yet imo?

  2. 4-2 match in 79 was after Johny Doyle was sent off, amazing turnaround in that game.
    Celtic are also the only team with 53 going on 54 titles, the Rangers are a new team and have little history.
    You can’t claim the liquidated teams history and ignore the debt.
    The Rangers have 1 title.

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