The McClean family, UNICEF the winner thanks to the Poppy Fascists

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FOLLOWING on from Neil Lennon calling out the anti-Irish racism in Scotland, the Irish international winger James McClean has today spoken out regarding the somewhat bizarre decision by the English FA to investigate HIM following the abuse the Stoke City winger was subjected to at the weekend in the match with Middlesbrough.

McClean, who was yesterday pictured with his family and wearing his Celtic top, with a message that said this is what matters to him, has now responded to the news that the FA are to look at his behaviour at the weekend, where the bigots and Poppy Fascists felt empowered to spew their intolerance and anti-Irish racism against him, simply because he chooses not to wear a poppy.

Here’s what McClean has said today…

Last week Stoke City released a statement which was measured and completely fair, in which it outlined the principled reasons behind their player’s decision not to wear a poppy. This is not a new topic either, this has been going on for years and the racially motivated bigots know that the Ireland winger is going to be an easy target.

The two World Wars were supposed to be about protecting our freedoms. McLean chooses not to wear a poppy and that is his right – what are we supposed to do, force him to wear it against his will?

Others choose to wear a poppy and that is perfectly acceptable. Fair play to th

Some, like me used to wear one, but don’t any more due to the poppy fascists, Instead I send a donation to UNICEF re the humanitarian crisis in Yemen where children are starving.

If you aren’t wearing a poppy, do something similar and take to social media to say what you have done instead.

McClean was eager to join up with Celtic in the summer but when the call didn’t come from Brendan Rodgers he instead joined Stoke City, knowing that come November he would be in the firing line again from the Poppy Fascists. They will be watching on this weekend when Celtic go to Livingston waiting on the slightest noise then will do all they can to abuse our club, as they do every November.

Meanwhile Celtic will make a substantial donation to Poppy Scotland and this will not be matched by the rest of the teams in the league combined…


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