‘The pitch was my stage, the whistle meant it was showtime,’ Jinky

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There’s a flash a turn and he spins away
The greatest ever Celt a legend of his day
A natural talent so hard to find
Wee Jinky Johnstone, one of a kind.

You were kicked and pulled all over the place
And played the game with style and grace
Small in stature but full of heart
You could play the full backs right off the park.

I was only a kid, back in the day
When in the Jungle the fans would sway
It’s Jinky they’d say he’s on the wing
And one and all the fans would sing.

And of Celtic’s all time greats
St Peters standing at the gates
Welcome Jinky we need you we are bang in trouble
We can’t let the Rangers get the double.

Now you’re up in heaven Jinky, and we miss you like mad
You were the greatest player that we ever had
Your part of god’s team and your playing up in heaven
We’ll never ever forget the magic number seven.

By Stephen McEwan from the Grangemouth No.1 CSC

RIP Jimmy Johnstone, who sadly passed away on this day in 2006. On this day in 1944, Jimmy Johnstone is born. “The pitch was my stage, the whistle meant it was showtime.”

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