The pros and cons of Jesse Lingard coming to Celtic

Jesse Lingard to Celtic is the latest rumour in the transfer winter silly season but is he worth taking a chance on?

Premier League Tottenham Hotspur v Nottingham Forest Jesse Lingard 11 of Nottingham Forest heads off on the attack during the Premier League match Tottenham Hotspur vs Nottingham Forest at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, 11th March 2023 Photo by Ritchie Sumpter/News Images London 

There was a new transfer rumour that surfaced last night regarding Celtic and the name in question was former Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard. Yes I know it’s silly season, and any old name will be banished about to get clicks and what not, but maybe, just maybe this is one rumour that could have some substance to it.

Lingard has been without a club since being freed by Nottingham Forest at the end of last season. He has apparently kept himself in tip top condition and is still only 31 years of age. The winger sacked his agents – including members of his own family – in a bid to get himself a new club and as a free agent he comes without a transfer fee.

He wouldn’t cost a lot and even offering him a deal until the end of the season wouldn’t be seen as too much of a risk and he could perhaps bring that quality and experience we got from the Aaron Mooy signing last season. Lingard after all, did play for Manchester United for many years and has also represented England a number of times so he is clearly a talented player.

Heart Of Midlothian v Celtic – Scottish Cup Quarter Final Tynecastle Park Celtics Aaron Mooy celebrates his goal at Tynecastle on Saturday March 11, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

On the other hand, rather than Mooy, signing a player like Lingard could well be another Freddy Lundberg type situation. He is going to be a player that Brendan Rodgers is going to be familiar with and that was of course not the case last summer as he was given a mini-bus full of projects that he knew next to nothing about.  We don’t know what Brendan thinks of Lingard but if he is rated by the Celtic manager then the he is worth a chance? It’s not a big gamble after all.

Scott Sinclair Credit: AP

Rodgers knew exactly what Scotty Sinclair could do when he brought him to Celtic and that was a hugely successful signing for a few seasons.  Maybe Brendan will think he can repeat that trick with Jesse Lingard, who is clearly desperate to get back into the game and prove his worth.

Joe Hart of Celtic (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Joe Hart is another example, he came to Celtic when doors were closing on him south of the border and has been a brilliant addition for a few seasons now, certainly a big improvement in what we had before his arrival. Hart also brought something extra to the dressing room and perhaps that is another consideration for Brendan if he’s thinking about bringing in Jesse Lingard.

Time will tell if this link has credibility, or indeed just another wild rumour. File under wait and see.

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  1. If this happened or didn’t, I wonder if You would be the first to slag off br , the board , , the Lawells etc as a lot of the keyboard warriors who fuel rumours do ( key word “rumours “ ie made up stories )

    • The rumour is out there and has nothing to do with us. There are no keyboard warriors on The Celtic Star just Celtic supporters. The other day we reminded folk that Peter Lawwell has nothing to do with transfer business these days. if Celtic did sign the player I doubt that any of our writers would be slagging off Brendan or the player. There are some sites currently attacking the Board and the Lawwells in particular so your frustrations would be better being aired on these places rather than here. HH

  2. Always been a bit suspicious as to why players who have made a name for themselves within the game, suddenly find themselves without a club showing any interest within them?
    Your assessment fails regarding Hart simply because Hart was still regarded as a good professional and worthy of a squad place within the EPL, to our advantage when he signed for ourselves?
    Lingard hasn’t been, and off the back of a very poor year last season at forrest?
    Don’t actually see where he could potentially fit into our team currently, so would be a no from myself imo