The Rangers reaction to Celtic’s 8IAR – ‘Anyone else experiencing that gutted feeling today?’

PILING on the agony as Celtic turned on the style at Pittodrie this afternoon to secure the club’s 50th title and our second 8 In a Row – the ONLY club in Scotland – dead or alive – to achieve that. While the Hoops fans are enjoying the sweet glow of another league title – Celtic really have become the DOMINANT FORCE in Scottish football, we thought we’d dip a toe in to have a look at their AGONY, because folks, this is how it feels to be the Rangers….

Just gutted that ‘that lot’ win again

“At the start of the season I did not expect us to win the league. I then had a growing feeling that it was very possible. The last Old Firm (sic) defeat ruled it out for me, but before today, it seems there was a feeling inside that it could still happen. I ignored the feeling, and used my head, but today still find I am a bit gutted. Maybe just gutted that ‘that lot’ win again, but I suppose it’s more the disappointment that the next three games are for pride only. Was obviously deep down hoping for a title deciding Old Firm (even more sic), which we win, followed by the title being decided on the last day.

“Ach well, still feeling very positive about next season. Regardless of who their manager will be and what players they bring in, we are in a very good place to win trophies next year, as long as we; bring in the right players, learn from our mistakes of this season, and shift the deadwood, then we have as good a chance as we’ve had in a long time.”

They’ve Peaked

“I genuinely think we’re on the up, whereas they’ve peaked. If Lennon gets the job I’m very confident next year will be a good year for the Famous.”

Always going to sting

“Regardless of how unlikely it was it was still always going to sting when they officially wrapped it up. I still held out hope too. That’s the point of being a football fan. It’s the highs and lows. Today will be tinged with disappointment. But we move on. Next season we go again.”

They love their slogans

“We shot ourselves in the foot big time this season, was there for the taking but onto next season and I’m fairly confident now. We’ll prove next season why we’re simply the best.”

Scud Alert!

“I’m ok about it, because I know we will scud them next week and end the season on a high. Good win tomorrow against Hibs, scud them next week and finish the season leaving Stevie Clarke an emotional wreck will do for me. Onwards and upwards.”

Lost it by a sweary mile

“We didn’t marginally lose it, we lost by a f*cking mile and it was gone before that last OF (sic) game. The draws at home were where it ended for us.”

A long time ago

“I don’t like to see them winning anything obviously but we lost this league a long time ago.”

It’s Coming Home, apparently

“Gutted? Absolutely F*cking Not. We were a mess one year ago. We have made incredible strides and 55 is looming. Finish the season strong and add in the summer and it’s coming home.”

Worral’s Gift

“It was gone when Worral gifted Killie that goal and we never responded. Confident we will do it next season.”

“Nope I felt it after the Kilmarnock game at Rugby Park when we were up 1 nil and got beat and then the Hibs game at Ibrox that we drew 1 -1 I’ve been over the League for weeks now. As long as we close out the League with wins in our next 3 games I’ll be happy and looking forward with genuine excitement for next season.”

Treble Treble Worries

“I’m more p*ssed off that it’s very likely that they will win a triple treble, I didn’t expect us to win the league this year but I thought we would get one of the cups.”

Turning on Lenny

“They are poor champions, assisted by terrified refs. Rangers hammering them at Ibrox and showing them up as the duds they are would make them turn on Lennon.”

We interrupt the agony to bring you a message from Neil Lennon…

Back to the agony…

Landslide Running away with it winning

“I’ve done the disappointment thing a few weeks back when it was apparent it was over. Since then I’ve been really really hopeful for next season with our recent performances. I really think we’re only 3 first team signings from winning the league next year. And not just winning, landslide running away with it winning.”

Too many draws

“Too many draws when we were going into the final minutes of games winning. This league wasn’t lost today. But at the same time, Stevie G is pushing us forward. He and this group of players, whomever remains beyond the summer, will take us to 55. The points gap doesn’t suggest the gap in quality.

A complete waste of time

“We weren’t going to win the league this season. The fact we pushed a bit harder is progress – Steven Gerrard made some mistakes over the season which cost us but on the whole he is learning. We’re putting a decent team together and next season is going to be massive for us. No reason why we can’t be challenging then. The fact Celtic only needed a point against their roll over team meant it was hardly likely to be anything other than a win. So no, not gutted today. Even the people I know who support Celtic know it would be a complete waste of time trying to wind me up or rub my nose in it.”

They tried to kill our club

“No we’re Rangers we will be back. We need to box clever next season. They tried to kill out club it’s taken time to get back and we’ve overcome so much. SG will learn from this season and we move on together. Investment and ready to go again next season.”

A glimmer of hope

“I’ll admit, I held a glimmer of hope, so a bit gutted, but also looking forward. We feel in a healthier place than 12 months ago or 24/36 and a good win v them next week will set us up for the new season.( And we play them at Ibrox first next season!)
All aboard!!”

“Not gutted, no. We’ve expected it for a while. There was a glimmer of hope they might throw it away for a couple of weeks but in reality that was never going to happen. Rangers have come a long way in the last year. We have a lot of players in our 11 every week who have what it’s takes to bring home 55. We’ll finish strongly, we’ll strengthen in the Summer and we’ll go again. I have confidence Steven Gerrard and his team will bring 55.”

Nerves jangling

“A real shame we couldn’t have got anything out of Parkhead, even a draw would have had their nerves jangling. But there’s progress and every reason to have genuine hope/expectation next season.”

Blame game

“I’m very p*ssed off that we’ve struggled to do to the sheep what Celtic have just done! (Add Killie and Hibs to that aswell). These matches alone have lost us the league. The only people to blame for us not winning the league is ourselves.”


“We have been abysmal once again this season and they have cheated another title aided by corrupt officials and officers.”

“We can barely string 2 league victories together. I would call that abysmal.”

Stomach turning

“Stomach’s turning knowing they’ve won the league again but the difference for me that hasn’t been there in recent years is we have a dressing room that will be just as gutted as us. (I would think).”

Blaming Morelos and Gerrard

“Our last chance went when Morelos was sent off at their ground. Gerrard has also made some tactical decisions which he will learn from. It’s all fine margins but there has been a number of games we should have won and got draws that have ultimately been our downfall and will be better next year.”

Time’s Up

“We’ve got to win and win well at Ibrox to show them that their time is up and next season will be very different.”

Made a complete mess of it

“We had a real chance this season and made a complete mess of it, December in particular cost us big time. You could go through the season and analyse everything but our away record this season has been unacceptable on the whole. I expect us to improve next season but the worry is that Celtic will improve too.”

Treble on a plate

“What annoys me the most is we gave them a treble on a plate, we should have won at least a cup. So whilst we have improved as team, it still has been an unacceptable season.”

A soaking towel

“I feel as if someone has flicked me in the balls with a soaking towel.”

Tainted trophies

“Their run of titles and trophies is completely tainted. Pathetic the way that club ignores the fact that they’ve had no competition. This is the first season we’ve been semi- organised and not hamstrung on several fronts (but still a couple) and they’ve shown how terrified they are that we are coming. Don’t feel gutted at all, although I’d have liked to smash them at Ibrox again in a match that counted.”

Faith and the Compliance Officer

“I have faith in Gerrard but until we get the referee and catholic-Celtic-compliance officer situation sorted out, we won’t be winning another title.”

A 50th Title for Celtic noted

“That’s their 50th title apparently. How fortuitous has our problems been for them!”

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