The reality is that Ange is an ambitious man, I hope he succeeds

At 10.25am on Tuesday 6 June Celtic PLC updated the London Stock Exchange on the official news that Ange Postecoglou was leaving Celtic. The update reads as follows and can be viewed HERE.


(“Celtic” or the “Club”)

Ange Postecoglou to leave Celtic

Celtic PLC confirms that first team manager, Ange Postecoglou, will leave the Club with immediate effect to take up the vacant managerial post at Tottenham Hotspur FC. The Club would like to thank Ange for his outstanding contribution during his time at Celtic and wishes him success in the future.

The process of appointing Celtic’s next Football Manager is already underway, and an update will be communicated in due course.

Ange Postecoglou embraces former Celtic manager Martin O Neill after Celtic were presented with the Cinch Scottish Premiership trophy on the final day of the season. Celtic v Motherwell, Cinch Scottish Premiership, 14 May 2022 . Photo by Stuart Walllace/Shutterstock

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Despite what you read or hear, Ange didn’t do the dirty on Celtic. He didn’t leave because of Peter Lawwell, or any other phantom incident dreamt up on social media. the fact of the matter is, he exercised his freedom of furthering his career while making more money into the bargain. It isn’t that hard to comprehend.

Would you be tempted to leave your job for another that pays fours times the salary? Yes of course you would. You’d be off in a heartbeat, if you answer no, you are a barefaced liar.

As much as it pains me to say, while Spurs is not big a club as Celtic in terms of history and support, they are financially and play in a much more attractive league. So hence they are a bigger draw for an ambitious man such as Ange Postecoglou. The challenge of competing for a top four spot and winning silverware will be one that appeals to the now former Celtic manager.

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He is 57 after all and he waited such a long time for a crack at Europe, that he eventually got at Celtic. He’s already managed his national side so managing a side in an elite European league will be another ticked off the bucket list, indeed it’s always been his dream.

He will be very proud to be the first Australian to manage in the English top flight which is regarded all over the world as the most prestigious league, of them all. An opportunity like this might not have presented itself like this again so you can’t really blame Ange for taking it..

Ange is a talented, ambitious and driven man has always set working at the very top level in club football as his ultimate objective, that’s the honest truth. Celtic is a big club but there are bigger challenges out there, we’ve just got to accept our place in the food chain, as a Spurs fan pointed out in the comments section on The Celtic Star earlier today.

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So let’s cut Ange some slack, he’s not a bad man, he’s just like the rest of us and wants to get the most from life. We should just think ourselves lucky he decided to spend two years of his career with us and he’ll always be grateful for the break he got at Celtic that has given him the platform to get a top English Premier League side interested in his and to offer him a four year contract which will be worth tens of millions to the Postecoglou household.

I for one hope he’s a huge success at Tottenham. He certainly deserves it.

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  1. Sean McGinley on

    Sorry, but I can’t echo your sentiments as I detest deceit and by god we were deceived ! If anyone doesn’t know how, they haven’t listened to the man over these past few years. His tune changed dramatically very recently and he tried to sell the historic 8th treble as a sign of improvement and him having done what he said, including quoting the true great T.B. to distance himself from the club. Nah I’m not wearing it or any of the other bullshit. But I do know, Celtic will go on and a lot of Celtic supporters will always be there.

  2. The Caravan moves on.
    Professional job done by a non Hoops man.
    Another new broom awaits.
    Hail Hail

  3. Mr Vincent McSherry on

    Nothing whatsoever about ambition, three reasons Ange left: money, money and more money, looks like kennedy is about to follow (obviously for the same reason) Ange was great for us but him and spurs mean absolutely nothing to me.

  4. June 22, ‘I’ll be here for as long as Celtic want me…’

    I’m torn, half of me wants him to succeed, but that’s just to shut up the repetitive…’my nan could win that league’ nonsense.
    But the other half of me hopes that Spurs lose every game they play and he’s out of a job by Christmas…as Sean said, I cannot stand deceit, a non-Celtic man who won us over with flattery then shafted us the first chance he got. At least next season he cannot fuck up another attempt in European competition…

  5. Allaboutceltic on

    It would seem I’m in the minority in here. I can’t understand all the cheap shots and bitterness towards Ange. He was a fantastic servant to Celtic. Like it or not, managers and players will move. For us, it’s a lifetime commitment. Celtic didn’t fail Ange and I also don’t believe he went solely for the money. The biggest problem we have is that our league is shite as are the locations, followed up by empty stadiums out with Celtic Park and the dump on the south side. He has ambition and needs to challenge himself. If he wasn’t that character, we wouldn’t have got the manager with the drive and style of football which we were lucky to experience over the past 2 years.

    Maybe I’m being naive, but I also truly believe everything he said and his love for our club. What was he to do…announce he was going or talking to another club before we finished our season or on the weekend we just won a world treble record. The truth is that there is never a good time.

    I understand that people are disappointed, but ffs, have a look at yourselves and just be thankful that we were lucky to have him what we watched over the past 2 seasons.

    Would you rather have had a poor or mediocre manager were no other club shows an interest and we settle with drab football and struggle to win silverware? Not me. Give me 2 seasons every time if the football is of that quality.

    PS, I reckon after Ange shows his managerial prowess at Spurs over the next 2 seasons, he’ll be taking over Klopp at Liverpool. That’s the team he’s always supported from a young boy and would be his dream job.

    Exciting times ahead for Celtic. Embrace & enjoy it.


    • It’s the way he left that’s hard to take there’s a way to leave and Ange’s way was the wrong way. When Emma Dodds asked him on Saturday if he was staying why didn’t he just say no? Ok we’d have been gutted but we’d have understood and it’s not the first time he’s done it either he did at Brisbane Roar as well. On the day they won their second title they had a parade and he told their supporters let’s go for number three next season when they drove back to the stadium he told the players he was leaving. What kind of a guy does that? A narcissist that’s who, Ange is all about Ange and all the chest beating and badge tapping was a con. As far as I’m concerned he’s dead to me now, if he even comes on my TV I’ll change the channel and I’m angry at being taken in by a con man hook, line and sinker. There’s no doubt he’s a top manager and he did remarkably well considering the shitshow he walked into, winning a double then a treble was phenomenal but it doesn’t change the fact he’s a worse rat than Rodgers for me. If Spurs had said on Monday we’d like to speak to him it wouldn’t be as bad but he’s known for months he was leaving but pretended he was still committed to Celtic. The fact that on trophy day he had the gall to use Tommy Burns quote about the support when he knew he was leaving was a reprehensible act and great big f*ck you to the club and the supporters too and that’s unforgivable to me. The badge on the front is bigger than the name on the back or the manager though and Celtic will still be here tomorrow and so will we the supporters. Karma’s a bitch and I hope I’m alive to see Ange get his he’s a snake. If he’d been honest my views would’ve been different but he wasn’t and although I don’t wish him bad health or anything like that I hope he fails at Spurs.

  6. Sean McGinley on

    I don’t disagree with your sentiments that he was great for us. That’s not my beef. I certainly enjoyed watching Celtic under Ange more than I have under a lot of managers. But again, I cannot accept that 2 years with no commitment equals a “fantastic servant”. I shouldn’t need to list the people who come under that category, but despite the pull of money, many served Celtic and remained for lengthy spells. Neither am I trying to deny anyone’s right to choose where or when they want to go or work. But again, I cannot see why there was no honesty and a departure that was disguised as a holiday with the stated intention of ” having a lot of talking to do” on his return. I for one would rather that on that podium, he said “I’m off”. As I said previously, if anyone had listened to him, he said a lot and sold a lot of positive hope. I could quote and direct people to so many of his words because, like most, I drank it in and mistakenly placed trust in his intent. A great salesmen, but there are a lot of great car salesmen too.