The Return of Brendan Rodgers – A Personal View from David Potter

I was one of those who did not really want Brandan Rodgers back. I would have preferred someone different. That said, I call on all Celtic supporters now to back Brendan in his new post. What we would have preferred does not really matter; the important thing is that Celtic now continue their sustained success of the past 10 years and more in Scotland, and that we do at long last make some sort of impact in Europe.

The good news is that Brendan Rodgers knows how to win in Scotland; the bad news is that his impact on Europe has been negligible. With the players at his disposal plus a few more that he now has cash and time to buy, he has every opportunity to do well. We must back him up.

As far as his relationship with supporters goes, particularly those who remain suspicious of him, there are some things he could do and say that would help. One would be a guarantee that he won’t suddenly walk out in mid season again; and another would be a full and honest statement about why he left us so suddenly in February 2019. It was puzzling, and although we have all heard stories about why he left, we would like to hear the plain unvarnished truth.

For our part, we must now back him and indeed everyone at Celtic Park. We are told that we are the best supporters in the world. Prove it! The possibilities are limitless.

The crucial time, I feel will be September. We usually have a Glasgow Derby in September. Europe also starts in September. By the end of September, we really have to show that we mean business in both Europe and Scotland. Otherwise Brendan might he in trouble. He must get his summer signings correct, and he must find players that are not going to make these infuriating mistakes that cost us so dear.

For the record, Brendan is the third Celtic Manager to come back. The first was Billy McNeill when the Board basically admitted that it had made an error on letting him go the first time; the second was Neil Lennon, when he stepped admirably into the breach when the previous Manager (who was that?) walked out.

There is an element of both these factors in the present situation, and that is why it is all the more important to move on.

I believe the fixtures come out on 30 June…

David Potter

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About Author

I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.


  1. Sean McGinley on

    I agree with some of what you say. But would I believe an assurance it won’t happen again ? I am simply not that trusting. Certainly a full explanation, which we won’t get, would help.
    Also, Billy McNeil was an entirely different kettle of fish from the others. A genuine honest man from an era of integrity in a much greater volume than today, something that is almost extinct. But as I have said already in another post, we have to be better than the newco and its upwards an onwards for me. United we stand etc….

  2. Takes a big man to step back into a situation he knows won’t be all hugs and how r ye.
    7/7 record Ist time around.
    Will do for me.
    Complete back up management team still in place.
    If theNC and G B spoilt by years of success don’t want to support him and team please kindly give up your briefs and let others who will take your places.
    Hail Hail.

  3. Roland Rat shouldn’t be let within a hundred miles of Paradise, an egotist of a man, with the morals of a Tory politician, greed, greed, and more greed, this guy is lower than a snakes belly, I for one am disgusted that he’s back, the first club that winks at him and offer’s him a wad of cash, and he’ll be off, SAY NO TO THE RAT 🚫

  4. I was one too to initially reject his placement. But it’s done now and I understand the man’s managerial prowess. So it’s best to move forward without discord within the Celtic family. Mon the Hoops!! It’s always about the club first before the people involved. People move on. Our club always survives. Remember that.

  5. A full explanation of what happened will absolutely only serve to make things worse! The facts remain it happened and none of us are happy about that! But regardless of what he was to say, or how he was to say it, there will be the detractors and there will be those who are going to get on with it.
    Not everyone is going to like this appointment. But there is only one reason anyone could possibly NOT! He is the one who turned his back on us once before mid-season.
    The fact remains that he is still the highest quality manager we could possibly get through the doors and be willing to pay what they deserve.
    We should stop kidding ourselves about Ange too! Don’t think for a single second he didn’t work his ticket to Spurs while in charge of us! The difference between him staying until season’s end and Rodgers leaving in February was Rodgers had proven himself, Ange was building his CV/Resume! Ange lied every bit as much, he was very careful and chose his words smugly!
    I have not forgotten what Rodgers did. But I am willing to see if he can redeem for the sake of the club. After all, it isn’t about my pride or yours. Its about the glory and history of our great club.
    Swallow your pride and get behind the decision.
    Don’t overlook the fact that him coming back, knowing the music he will face, takes guts!

  6. And don’t worry about the Canadian Bhoy managing our RB position. Canadian lads suck up injuries. Especially those that sported the most physical game in the world called hockey. Yes that’s right, the only team game that travels on foreign objects “ skates ” that makes you faster than you are and allows you to level your opponent into the boards legally. Gretzky said it best…. It’s the only sport where you actually have to learn something first before you can earn to play it. SKAKE. Johnson will get over his injuries quick. He’s a Canuck. He will be back toe to toe with heaviest man in football and brush him off like a rookie hockey player. Fact.

    • Water polo, sailing, motor racing are a few that immediately spring to mind to counter the slightly biased views of Mr Gretzky, although he was quite the player.

      Aside from all that, what on earth are you talking about?

  7. Really! Motor sports and sailing? They actually allow physical contact? Have you ever watch hockey at the highest level? My point is Johnson is tough. Tougher than the average athlete because he comes from a background of hockey. Vancouver B.C. born. Like it on not I delivering you a message from the west. This kid has baws. He does so because he grew up in a country with hockey. Like it on not. Take it for what it is. I don’t care. I know why he is tough and good enough. It’s his background. Guaranteed.