The similarities between the English and the Rangers are staggering

James McLean’s words are so true. You could say the same up here about theRangers. The similarities between the English and theRangers are staggering.

James McLean recently aimed a stinging but true verbal volley at the English national side and their arrogant pundits, and it’s something Celtic supporters can relate to in more ways than one.

The Wrexham and former Republic of Ireland international player said what everyone already knows about the English, and no one can disagree.

“That’s always been the English hype and media around the team. It’s always over the top, for a country that’s won one World Cup, and has never won the Euros, they are very expectant and very arrogant about their chances. Before a ball is kicked they are always planning a route to the final, so they need to tone it down a bit, as they are always over the top.”

Well said James, you can’t argue with those words, it’s one hundred percent correct. It’s also something we can relate to in Scotland, not just about the English national side, but more closer to home, and by that I mean our old pals across the city.

theRangers like England are living on past glories. Although to be fair to the English national side they at least have their own history to cling on to. theRangers like England have not won anything of note, but they firmly believe that they are superior to everyone else.

Three major domestic honours in twelve years, yet they act like they are the dominant side in the country. They start out every campaign expecting to win the lot but predictably turn on their heroes when they predictably self combust.

The similarities are striking. The SMSM and pundits like their English counterparts are also similar in their arrogance that they expect success, only to tear into their favourites when it all goes wrong.

The English and theRangers really are two cheeks of the same backside.

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  1. Before every major tournament the english fa liased with police in London about dates for a victory parade, I kid you not

  2. Quite correct by making the claim of the 2 cheeks of the same arse between the scum and the English.
    Forgot to mention that both can only produce that comes out of them cheeks of there arses

  3. Your kidding me yous still shout about a trophy yous won a year after englands one and only trophy and talk like yous are world beaters yous are exactly like England can’t believe yous are even comparing rangers to them yous act like them anytime there’s a title race it’s as though yous have it won and anybody who beats you must a cheated cause no body should be able to beat Celtic 😂