Their obsession with Celtic is increasingly concerning

In the aftermath of rescuing a point right at the death in the woman’s Glasgow Derby on Monday night, Fran Alonso was the victim of a cowardly headbutt by theRangers coach Craig McPherson as the Celtic manager was congratulating his team and shaking hands with the opposition players, as he does after every match, win, lose or draw.

Not only was the assault cowardly but unprovoked and unjustified. McPherson has been citied by the SFA and it looks likely he’s going to receive a hefty punishment, and deservedly so. He’s lucky he’s not facing any criminal action, although Fran himself has played it down and has said there is no need, but if that was me or you that ran on to the pitch and done similar, do you think we would get off Scot free in the eyes of the law? We all know the answer to that one. Football players or coaches in this instance, are no different.

McPherson this afternoon issued an apology – some five days after the assault – with many people noting of course that today is 1st April.

This is just one of many such similar situations the Ibrox side have found themselves in. Aggression seems to run through the ranks of the bears, whether it’s the men’s side or the ladies. From the stands onto the park they really are an angry bunch.

Over last few years there has been a Celtic player confronted on the field of play at Ibrox, on a couple of other occasions players have had objects threw at them, ranging from batteries to glass bottles. And just this week a Rangers supporter was sentenced to 12 months in prison for scarring the Celtic physio for life with a bottle during a game at Ibrox last year. It’s good to see the courts taking tough measures on these idiots, but can the same be said of the SFA?

I know we’ve got a couple of idiots in our ranks, every club does, but the Ibrox club seems to have a helluva lot more than most. What are the SFA doing about it? Hee Haw. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I can’t remember them ever hammering the Ibrox club or the oldco either for that instance when it comes to player or supporter behaviour.

Remember the abuse Neil Lennon received at the hands of oldco? It spiralled that much that he was regularly the victim of assaults on the street, even getting to the stage were he was sent a homemade bomb such was the hatred for him, landing the two clowns responsible a lengthy prison sentence.

I know fine well the SFA doesn’t have jurisdiction over things that happen outwith football, but maybe if they had clamped down on behaviour in the stands it would’ve helped his situation a little? We’ll never know, but what we do know is that they’ve got to be tougher.

Chris Sutton was also told to stay away from Ibrox as his safety couldn’t be guaranteed. A man can’t be guaranteed safety at his work, that’s a scary situation. The hatred is real.

To recap, the past few years have seen players confronted on the park. Been the subject of missiles being aimed at them, and of course a physio scarred for life. Add McPhersons assault to that list and it’s a growing concern.

Even in his press conference yesterday Michael Beale didn’t condemn it, he preferred to take the easy way out and lie about not seeing it, and said it was out of character for McPherson to do such a thing. Incidentally McPherson was hauled up by the SFA on a misconduct charge in 2017 while assistant manager of Morton, but don’t ask our esteemed media to bring that up. They were too busy letting Michael mutter on about his unlimited budget fantasy. Season ticket renewal is coming up of course.

Their hatred of us is spiralling out of control on and off the park. the SFA have to nip it in the bud. But I won’t hold my breath.

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  1. The huns also will attack people 30 years younger and somehow get away Scot free out and about
    Forever in our shadow HH