“There are two things that I am looking forward to seeing in VAR,” David Potter

One would have to say that this was another good day for Celtic. We already had some good news before we started, and yesterday was proof that we can overcome all sorts of obstacles, including the ones provided by VAR and referees.

Michael Stewart on the BBC was quoted as saying that the penalty kick was “ludicrous” – and no-one really disagreed with him. It was noticeable that at Celtic Park one could hear some laughter at the decision! It was as bad as that! And it was that decision that put us one down! In truth, Ross County were not looking anything like scoring from open play. It needed VAR to provide them with that opportunity!

There are two things that I am looking forward to seeing in VAR. One is the sight of a referee going to that TV screen, and sticking to his original decision; the other is to see a VAR decision going in favour of Celtic! But Ange is surely right when he said that VAR must never be the star of the show. His illustrious predecessor Jock Stein put it well when he said that if you are four or five up, refereeing decisions don’t matter.

Celtic v Ross County –  David Turnbull scores Celtic’s first goal of the game as Ross Sims looks dejected during the Premiership match at Celtic Park,  Saturday November 12, 2022.Photo Steve Welsh

But full credit to our team. Once again, not a top notch performance but a determined one with some fine passing and two very good goals. Great work from Hatate and Turnbull for the first goal, and Haksabanovic could easily have made a pig’s ear of the second goal by blasting it over bar, but it was a fine piece of placement. In truth we could have and should have scored more goal, but we won the game, although I have to say that I was glad to hear the final whistle!

Celtic v Ross County Reo Hatate and Jordan White battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday November 12, 2022. Photo Steve Welsh

Some players need special mention. Tony Ralston was outstanding in his tackling and general enthusiasm for the game, and Alexander Bernabei played his best game for the club. And Reo Hatate was simply superb. Why is he not heading for Qatar? But the general attitude is correct. They kept playing right up to the final whistle, and this is a great tribute to our training staff (if that isn’t too old fashioned a word!). The future looks good, and Ange retains his popularity – although does anyone share my anxiety about that cough of his in interviews?

Ross County I have often admired as a club that could and should be used as an example to everyone. I was however less impressed by Malky MacKay’s men for two reasons yesterday. One was their totally defensive tactics (but they are hardly the only team who does that!) but the other was their willingness to go down and exaggerate injuries all with the intention of wasting time. Fortunately they did not succeed.

Two down points to a very good day. One was the disruption and general mayhem to the buses and bus parking caused by those who like watching Billie Jean King (I remember when she was called Billie Jean Moffat!) and Andy Murray. Not that I want to appear intolerant of tennis people (good heavens, no!), but it might be an idea in future to arrange things on separate days?

Celtic v Ross County –  The Green Brigade remained inside the concourse until the minutes silence has finished before the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park,  Photo Steve Welsh

And those who made a noise during the Remembrance did the club no favours. They clearly had not been listening to the stadium announcer who said we should remember men like Peter Johnstone, Leigh Roose, Donnie McLeod and Willie Angus. In any case, it was an International commemoration of the folly of war. It was NOT a British Army event with cannons being fired and flags waved. Men like James Connolly and Padraig Pearse were victims of war as well, and they too were being commemorated.

David Potter

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  1. Unbelievable you are complaining about the minutes silence to the British army. Not long ago you (Celtic Star) done a piece on the brutal murder of Kidso Reilly) in West Belfast. Not to mention the other atrocities carried out by these “heroes”. Can’t believe it.