These Celtic fans are furious with John Kennedy for “horrendous decision” that’s cost them vs Rangers this afternoon

It’s easily forgotten after watching that first half, but Celtic completely dominated the Rangers the last time they played.

A huge part of that performance came down to Diego Laxalt and his ability to get forward, as his overlapping runs and directness caused all kinds of problems.

He’s such a frustrating player to watch because he will occasionally look like an important part of the team, but it’s now abundantly clear what the problem is – he just cannot defend.

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That is quite a major issue when you are talking about a defender, and he’s been exposed in the worst way so far this afternoon.

He continues to commit the cardinal sin of turning his back on the winger when trying to mark him and there are going to be more chances conceded down that side of the pitch.

Greg Taylor has looked good recently and at least he has some ability to defend, so a lot of the fans are not happy with the decision to start the on-loan AC Milan man this afternoon:

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