They see things they want to see but penalty kicks aren’t just for Tavernier

It’s clear that theRangers supporters have gone full paranoid mode once again following our convincing 3-0 win against Dundee which solidified our place four points ahead of the Ibrox side at the top of the table.

Our opening goal came from the penalty spot and whether supporters of the Ibrox club like it or not, spot kicks are allowed to be awarded to sides outwith their own side. Penalty kicks aren’t just for James Tavernier.

Originally awarded as a free kick outside the box, VAR intervened and correctly upgraded it to a penalty kick as the foul was clearly committed inside the box.

This in turn has upset the Bears who believe they have been the victims of a miscarriage of justice. Social media yesterday was awash with angry Bears complaining of wrongdoing.

They are of course referring to last week’s disallowed Kemar Roofe goal. They firmly believe that the two instances were one and the same. Yes they really are delusional. No doubt their cheerleaders in the media will add further fuel to the false claims.

The only comparisons with the two instances is that Celtic were correctly awarded the decision in their favour. Last week Gustav Lagerbielke was in control of the ball and was fouled by Cyriel Dessers before he set up Roofe to score. VAR correctly intervened and chopped off the goal as it was a free kick to Celtic, simple.

Yesterday no one was in control of the ball and David Turnbull was quicker to the ball before being fouled in the penalty area by the Dundee defender. VAR again awarded the foul to Celtic, which resulted in a penalty kick. Which was correct, simple.

It’s perfectly clear and can easily be explained to someone who has no knowledge of the game. It’s bewildering but not surprising that they see things differently from everyone else. Something that’s clear as day. Anything to deflect from their problems I suppose.

We’ve seen things they’ll never see and they see things they want to see.

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  1. Celtic’s own “ unique camera” angle proves that it wasn’t a penalty,go take a look. It was a foul to Dundee.