This is the Day – By Any Means Necessary, Bhoys

By any means necessary…

Yesterday afternoon the manager and players were given a fabulous send off as they set off in preparation for today’s vital match at Ibrox. A large number of Celtic supporters gathered at Celtic Park to give the team a final show of support before they head into enemy territory. If they didn’t know how important today’s match is, then they definitely will now.

One banner said it all ‘By any means necessary’ and that’s the message that the players will hopefully have ingrained in their heads as they enter the field at Ibrox in just a few hours time. We have to win or at least not lose if we want to win the title.

But a win is what we should be aiming for. More importantly it’s not an impossible task. It’s very much winnable, despite the ludicrous position of having no away supporters – a situation entirely of their making – and obviously with their own placemen blowing the whistle, running the lines and controlling the VAR laptop.

While theRangers are in a bit of form at the moment and are muchimproved since the last time we won at Ibrox the last time we played there, they are no Real Madrid we’re playing at the Bernabeu. Or Man City at the Etihad.

Motherwell won there only a few short weeks ago. Aberdeen have won their this season and of course so have Celtic. It’s not an impossible tasks, it’s far from it. Celtic are perfectly capable of winning, the players have just got to believe that. They have the talent, but they must also have the belief.

And deep down this theRangers squad know that aside from a dead rubber win last season they’ve not beaten Celtic in the league since Ange Postecoglou’s first visit there shortly after his arrival in 2021.

We have a strong squad to choose from, we have better players so there can be no excuses. Time to get the job done Celtic, by any means necessary. The biggest concern is that John Beaton and co will be thinking exactly the same thing.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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