This is Yatao – Evaluation of Yosuke Ideguchi back in Japan

Now that there are only five J.League games left, the performance of Yosuke Ideguchi, who plays at Avispa Fukuoka, is highly regarded by managers, teammates, and many fans, and he’s an indispensable player for the team.

Ideguchi has played in all league games this season, and his sprints and tracking data are outstanding, and his workrate is particularly recognised. In the away game, he’s alway threat in midfield for opposing teams and often receives booing from supporters of many opposing teams.

The most impressive thing was that after Abispa Fukuoka won the away game held on the 3rd of last month, the manager Hasebe mentioned Ideguchi’s performance when he was asked about the key player in the post-game interview.

“I have very high opinion of Ideguchi, and it is also thanks to his performance that our team continues to win this season.

“He can easily take the ball from opponents in defence, and can run devotedly throughout games for our team. In addition, he can also defend high intensity while sliding according to situation. Even in attack, he can perform unexpected play by linking up with other players. You can hold the ball while turning and pass the perfect timing.

“However, I’m honestly not satisfied with his performance today. I don’t demand the same level of performance from all players, and I always demand high level of performance from Ideguchi. I told him that you always have to be key player of our team by your own performance and lead our team both in defence and attack.

“He is not a player who demands something from his teammates or communicates with words on the pitch, but is a player who is very good at playing naturally and thoughtfully. I’m not very satisfied with his performance today because I’ve been telling him that I want him to provide as many such plays as possible to our team as possible, which is his strengths.”

Ideguchi has regained his confidence under the manager who can improve motivation of players and develop strengths of players, and has maintained great performance throughout this season. He plays not only as midfielder but also as forward, and his growth is remarkable.

It is not known at the moment whether he will return to Celtic after next season, but as of August, supporters of Avispa Fukuoka have started campaign demanding the permanent deal of Ideguchi.

Celtic v Blackburn Rovers Yosuke Ideguchi warming up during the Pre-Season Friendly match between Celtic and Blackburn Rovers at Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland on 16 July 2022. Celtic Park Photo Craig Galloway PSI

Also, from this month, Avispa Fukuoka has been posted in hanging advertisement on the train (see below), and Ideguchi has been introduced as key player. Japanese media has also recognised his high tactical understanding, dedicated running, and defensive/offensive ability, and reporters and commentators have mentioned the possibility of him being called up again by the national team. I will keep an eye on how he grows.


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