This is Yatao – “I just want to enjoy every moment at Celtic,” Kyogo

Today, Kyogo looked back on last season expressed his strong feelings for Celtic again in an interview of Japanese media. Here’s what he said…

Kyogo: “If I think of the word that summarise this season, that is “support”. The word is perfect to me. I was able to win some awards, such as achieving a treble and becoming the top scorer, etc., but all of them could not be without your support. Now is the time I need to come down to earth and not forget my gratitude.

“The reason why I can play football at Celtic is because many people paid to go to the stadium to watch our game, and many people have built great history of this club. I am very grateful to my teammates, staff, and supporters.”

“You may have seen videos and photos of me dancing in front of supporters after the winning game. My dance started in the middle of last season. Another player was in charge of that dance, but my teammate encouraged me to dance.

“I came to be called “dance leader” by supporters, and it became classic scene after winning games. Because supporters enjoy seeing my dance, I always dance while thinking, “I’m really happy.”

“Looking back on this season, I felt this season was so fast but at the same time it felt so long. The best thing for me was that I was be able to keep playing throughout the year. I certainly had a light injury, but fortunately I was able to continue playing and brushed up my skills to score goals.

“We didn’t get good results in Champions League, but we won all the titles in Scottish football. We have been united since training before start of this season, and now I feel that everyone’s efforts have been rewarded.”

“As I keep scoring goals and Celtic continues to win, I’ve heard that news was released in Japan that the level of Scottish Premiership is recognised as “not high”.

“Certainly, top teams play very good football, but Celtic also had a lot of tough games. It’s natural for various people to have various opinions. But on the contrary, it means that people are paying attention to my play and Celtic, so I think it positively.

“I actually have valuable experiences at Celtic, and Celtic is the club with great history. There are many players who want to play here for as long as possible, including me. But no-one knows the future. Players may be injured or are transferred. And some players may be retiring. I never know about my future, so I just want to enjoy every moment at Celtic.”

“But I still have room for development. I want to be a player who can score more goals. I will continue to work hard next season so that I can become a more powerful player.”

That’s all.


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