This is Yatao – Kyogo watched Iniesta’s final game for Vissel Kobe

Kyogo Furuhashi watched the final league game for Iniesta at Vissel Kobe at the stadium then talked about it…

The game of Vissel Kobe v Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo was held on July 1. The tickets were sold out to watch the game that Andres Iniesta leave Vissel Kobe at the end of this game, but Kyogo Furuhashi was also one of people who visited the stadium to watch this game. On this day, Kyogo looked back on the time he spent with Iniesta at Vissel Kobe as follows.

Kyogo: “The time I spent with him is a treasure for me. I learned a lot from him, and really respect him not only as a player but also as a person. I was really happy that he came to Japan, and I was able to play with him. Even after he left Vissel Kobe, he said he still wanted to continue playing on somewhere, so I want him to do his best at another team. Also, I want to do my best to convey even good results to him.”

“The game I most forget is the one on June 23, 2021. In this game, I made hat trick, but the goal was one by key pass from Iniesta. While I was play tactics, he found me in an instant and sent me a great key pass, even though he was in a difficult position to pass the ball to me. Even if I was playing in his position, that pass was something I could never do. The ball he sent me was really great.”

“Just trusting him and ran, he always tried to send me good balls. The moment I started running, I experienced many times that there was already a ball in front of me. These were unbelievable experiences. I felt a message like that, “You’re a striker, so be sure to score a goal.” from his ball. I was taught mental attitude as striker by passes he sent me.”

“I was able to develop just by playing with him, and became confident in my own play. The time I spent with him is indispensable to my career. I might be scolded by someone if I made such a statement, but for me, the time I spent with him was like a miracle to believe that he chose Vissel Kobe to develop me. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if he chose me. I’m really glad I was able to play with him. I’m full of gratitude to him.”

That’s all. We can enjoy Kyogo’s performance based on what we learned from Iniesta at Celtic next season as well.


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