This is Yatao – Reo Hatate’s visit to his old school, Shizuoka Gakuen High

When Reo Hatate visited his alma mater, Shizuoka Gakuen High School and what he told his juniors…

Reo Hatate, who has now returned our team for training for pre-season match, seems to have had fulfilling off in Japan like other Japanese bhoys. On July 4, he visited the football team of his alma mater, Shizuoka Gakuen High School. On this day, students seemed to be very surprised because they were not informed in advance that Reo would visit the school. After he celebrated juniors’s achievements this season, he conveyed to there the importance of continuing.

“I wasn’t good at dribbling, and I wasn’t running fast. The only talent I had was to continue and keep making efforts. That’s why I want you to continue firmly while taking care of your daily efforts.”

Kawaguchi, the manager who coached Reo in this school, also said as follows…

“Reo didn’t have ability to run fast, and he didn’t have any skills at all. But he was able to shoot skillfully using both feet. The shot was far beyond the level of high school students.

“What particularly impressed me about him was that even though his teammates went home, he practiced dribbling and shooting alone every time after training. I know that he has learned his skills well in this team and kept making his efforts every day.

“He doesn’t have a big body, and rather, his body size is about the same as everyone. But he is now active on the world stage. And he is still keeping making the same efforts as he did back then. I want you to continue firmly, make your efforts, and aim for the top.”

Also, Reo talked about his high school training like this.

“The skills I cultivated in training when I was in high school are the basis of my current play. However, football evolves year by year, so I feel that I need to learn more about strengthening physical aspects and tactical ones. So I also want you guys to work on learning that part as well from now.”

After finishing the photo shoot, Yu Takada, who plays as No.10 like Reo in high school, was enthusiastic as follows.

“Reo Hatate’s body is so thick that I can clearly see it even from the top of his clothes, and I was able to realise that players who can active in Europe are like this by actually seeing him.”

Also, Keisuke Nakamura, the captain of this team, seems to have been greatly influenced by him on this day.

“Today I felt strongly that I want to reach the same level as Reo Hatate. I want to develop greedily to be able to do that.”

For his juniors, this experience seems to have been a wonderful one. Finally, there was the following interaction with the manager.

Reo Hatate: “Whenever I come back to this place, I can recharge my batteries. I’m very happy that my juniors look at me and want to do their best.”

Kawaguchi: “Not good enough, Reo. Keep it up.”

That’s all.


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