This is Yatao – Yuki Kobayashi, Tomoki Iwata and the ‘Enthusiasm of Celtic Supporters’

In this article, I will release everything that Yuki Kobayashi and Tomoki Iwata said in an interview with the most popular football programme in Japan broadcast on 1st July. In addition, the content broadcasted on 8th July will be released in another article on The Celtic Star.

This time, it’s an interview at Lennoxtown by Masanobu Katsumura, who became the official supporter of Celtic’s Japan Tour…The first part of this series was published on The Celtic Star last night featuring Kyogo, Daizen and Reo in conversation about Celtic and you can read that below…

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Katsumura: “Have you got used to your team and life in Scotland?”

Iwata: “Yes. When I first moved to Scotland, I felt that the weather and pitch conditions were different from Japan, so I was a little confused at that time though.”

Katsumura:  “What is your impression of Celtic?”

Iwata: “Celtic is a historic club and has many high-level players. That’s why I’m able to train with them at high level. I’m always training while having fun.”

Katsumura:  “Have you been impressed by your teammates?”

Iwata: “Yeah, there are so many things to learn from Reo and Calum.”

Celtic v Aberdeen – Tomoki Iwata and family pose with the trophy after the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park,  Saturday May 27, 2023. Photo Andrew Milligan

Katsumura:  “What do you think about Celtic supporters?”

Iwata: “Enthusiastic –  I feel that this is the real football.”

Katsumura:  “What about language and food in Scotland?”

Iwata: “Food in Scotland is delicious and I’m really satisfied, so I don’t have anything about food to say. I can also eat Japanese food here. And, there are many restaurants where I can eat red meat like steak. I really love that, so Scotland is the best place for me.”

Katsumura: “Please tell me about your goals and dreams.”

Iwata: “We can play in Champions League next season. But I’m not satisfied with just playing there, and my goal is to get good results.”

Katsumura: “Have you got used to your team and life in Scotland?”

Yuki: “It’s been half a year since I joined our team, so now I’m getting used to it.”

Katsumura: “Have you ever been confused after you moved to Scotland?”

Yuki: “I joined our team in the winter. The soil part of Scottish pitch is a little soft, which is different from Japan, so I often slipped during training. In order to deal with the situation, I’m making some ingenuity, such as replacing my boots flexibly.”

Yuki Kobayashi of Celtic FC

Katsumura: “What kind of impression did you have of Celtic?”

Yuki: “I had the strongest impression that Celtic is the club that Shunsuke Nakamura used to play. During the year I played with him at Yokohama FC in 2020, I heard a lot about Celtic and Champions League from him. And he was telling me that Celtic supporters in particular are very enthusiastic, but actually I can feel that in this place now.”

Katsumura: “Are Celtic supporters special to you?”

Yuki: “Sure, the number of times people call to me when I walk around the city is more than in Japan. In that sense, Celtic players including me can feel loved by supporters.”

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