Throwing objects at players is wrong. Shame on those who let Celtic down

There was an incident in yesterday’s Glasgow Derby game which although didn’t overshadow the magnificent result, left a lot to be desired and made a slight dent in the excellent reputation of our supporters.

The incident occurred late on when a few supporters hurled objects at theRangers skipper James Tavernier. Luckily the object in question landed nowhere near the player, but it’s still an act that shouldn’t be happening and as a club we have to wholeheartedly condemn such behaviour.

We quite rightly have been asking questions of the Ibrox clubs and the authorities over numerous serious incidents that have threatened the well being, and on one incident maimed one of our staff in the past few years, so we must call out our own support when they are guilty of throwing objects onto the park.

Yes our supporters aren’t on the same level as the Ibrox supporters when it comes to acts of thuggery, but we can’t claim ‘whataboutery’ when it comes to scenarios such as this.

We not only have a duty to safeguard the players on the park – our own players and our opponents – who are only doing their jobs, but also to protect the good name of the 99.9 percent of our supporters. Hopefully the club throughly investigates this issue to catch the culprit or culprits and takes the necessary measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Celtic v theRangers –  theRangers James Tavernier passes an object thrown from the stands to referee William Collum during the cinch Premiership match at the Celtic Park, on  Saturday May 11, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

Police Scotland released a statement confirming that they have made three arrests, revealing that a 29, 44 and 47-year-old were all arrested in connection with acts of disorder during yesterday’s match.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Three people, aged 29, 44 and 47 have been arrested during the fixture at Parkhead, Glasgow on Saturday, 11 May, 2024 in connection with acts of disorder.”A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Three people, aged 29, 44 and 47 have been arrested during the fixture at Parkhead, Glasgow on Saturday, 11 May, 2024 in connection with acts of disorder.”

It appears that it was a “marijuana grinder” that was allegedly lobbed onto the pitch before being handed to referee Willie Collum by theRangers James Tavernier.

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  1. See how quickly arrests were made at Paradise. That’s what should happen.
    That was good and I am happy about that as these people are disgraceful and should now be banned.
    This should not happen from any Celtic fan.
    However, how come the police at Ibrox are unable to make such quick arrests.They seem to be blind, like their security men, or is their something more sinister at work at Ibrox.

  2. Hopefully the arrests are the ones that threw things, and that they were gave up by fans. Lifetime bans!

  3. I was at the game yesterday with my son . I was totally embarrassed by the object throwing from the North curve. I have been telling my son for years the celtic support are a different level from the rangers thugs and we should be proud of ourselves. I now believe over the last 3 years of watching celtic home and abroad I’m actually now getting ashamed of our behaviour. I love the noise and colour the North curve bring but the anti social behaviour let’s us all down and reminds me of the rangers support

  4. Every instance of hooliganism, thuggery, and downright stupidity, stems from one section of our support
    I refer of course, to the GB. Get them and their fellow travellers banned for good. These mugs consider themselves revolutionaries…but are up to their necks in collaboration with the enemy within; Big Peter and the PLC.The PLC ticket racket, which favours the GB above all, is evidence in favour of this argument. Do any of these dolts actually know any Celtic songs?

    Hail Hail