TikTok Video: Kyogo Celebrates with Trophy in Hand and a Smile on his Face

Kyogo has always had a special relationship with the Celtic support. His energy and excitement have proved handy for the Celtic attack time and again, plus it doesn’t hurt that he has the goals to back it up. In any case, throughout his time at Celtic, Kyogo has always made the effort to enthusiastically celebrate with the fans after every game, even when he was injured and actually risked worsening his injury due to an accidental slip.

In this clip, we see Kyogo going up to the Celtic fans to join in with the Celtic fans as they sang and jumped around, but one thing was different. Instead of raising his arms as he usually does, Kyogo carried a well-earned Scottish Cup with him as he joined in with the celebrations.

@celticfc🇯🇵 Kyogo 🏆🏆🏆💚♬ original sound – Celtic Football Club

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