TikTok Video: Podcast Host embarrassed after stunning Leeds over Celtic claim

The Off_the_Ball podcast, which has just over 50,000 followers, has uploaded a short clip of their debate over which club is bigger: Celtic or Leeds.

The Podcast hosts reached a split decision, with 2 siding with Celtic and one concluding that Leeds was the larger of the two. However, the reasoning behind this decision was that Leeds has a huge history, which was quickly shut down as it’s pointed out that Celtic has arguably an even larger history. It’s funny to see people attempt to back Leeds over Celtic, as there doesn’t really seem to be a reasonable argument to place Leeds over Celtic, and this short clip goes to show that.

@off_the_ball 🗣”I think the majority of people would say Celtic are a bigger club than Leeds”⚽️ What do you think?🤔 @Gillette #effortlessflow #football #celtic #leeds ♬ original sound – offtheball

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