TikTok Video: The ‘Main Man’ Portuguese Superstar Responds to ‘Jota on the Wing’

In recent weeks, a short fan-made version of ‘Jota on the wing” sung by Ellie Dixon, took social media by storm. The rendition was truly outstanding, so much so that other creators opted to ‘chip in’ and further build up the song. Firstly, Bemz added a rap over the instrumental part of the song, which then allowed for   RobertLangdrums to add drums onto the track. Robert proceeded to send this third version to ‘the main man’ (Jota) to get his thoughts. Jota responded by saying…

“Class Bro! Appreciate the love”.

@robertlangdrums The main man himself!! @Celtic Football Club #celtic #jotaonthewing ♬ original sound – RobertLangdrums

Meanwhile there’s still no news from Celtic about fulfilling Ellie Dixon’s dream of performing ‘Jota on the Wing’ live at Celtic Park in front of 60,000 Celtic supporters.  Maybe that’s something that could happen on Trophy Day?

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