TikTok Video: The sound of ‘Celtic Glasgow’ at a London Roundabout

Following Celtic’s 1-0 victory over theRangers at Hampden in the Semi-Final of the Scottish Cup on Sunday, groups of Celtic supporters celebrated the big win all over the World.

In a recent video posted on TikTok, we can see a group of around forty Celtic fans in a large huddle in the middle of a roundabout in the city centre of London. The group are singing the popular “Celtic Glasgow” chant while bouncing around the roundabout.

More and more fans  are seen joining the huddle to join the celebrations as Celtic make their way to the final of the Scottish Cup and in doing so ended theRangers’ season right there abnd then.

Check out the  London buses having to make their way around the group of Celtic supporters as they celebrate in the centre of the road and they certainly shall not be moved by the Hibs, the  Hearts or theRangers….or even a London bus!

@johnboymanson The celtic fans in London after winning 1/0#celticfc #semifinal #celticfans ♬ original sound – John-boy manson

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  1. That is the bhoys and girls from Captain Morgan in Hayes. It’s good to see that standards are being kept up. 20 years ago I would have been part of that group. This was known as the Hayes Huddle. Hail Hail!