TikTok Video: The Tactics of Ange Postecoglou Explained

A recent TikTok was uploaded by the popular content creator, hto_mufc, which explained the tactics used by Ange Postecoglou at Celtic.

Hto_mufc typically uploads analytical videos of various football matches to break down how one side dominates another.

In this video, we see him depict Ange’s “positive” form of football. It is really interesting to see how Ange’s tactics are deployed throughout the match and to see how similar Ange’s style of play is to that of the top Premier League clubs, like Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Have a watch below…

@hto_mufc A tactical analysis of Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic; 🧠 #celtic #angepostecoglou #tactics #football #celticfc ♬ original sound – h

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