TikTok Video: When you realise what could happen on the 7th

Celtic FC has joined in on a recently emerging TikTok trend of a John Cena dance by posting it on their official TikTok page. The trend revolves around a clip of John Cena appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where John Cena puts on headphones and listens to a song, which he appears to enjoy as he begins doing a subtle but hilarious dance.

22nd October 2022. Greg Taylor scores the wiining goal during the cinch Premiership match at Tynecastle. Photo Neil Hanna / Sportimage

People have been using this hilarious trend to joke about various things, but Celtic has used it to joke about the realisation that Celtic’s next Scottish Premiership game could seal the league title for the Hoops. Celtic are set to take on Hearts at Tynecastle on 7th May, where three points would win us the league and the laughs will be on theRangers and their angry wee cousins…COYBIG!

@celticfc When you realise 👀 #johncena #dance ♬ cupid – bae

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