Time for Luis Palma to pay the penalty

Brendan, do us and yourself a favour and take Luis off the penalty’s for the immediate future, in fact for good. And why not ask Kyogo to take them, that way he’ll at least get a kick of the ball?

Luis Palma’s spot kick woes only added to the pitiful performance we witnessed yesterday. Supporters couldn’t believe their eyes as the Honduran missed not just one spot kick, but also spurned the gift of a re-take for an encroachment rightly spotted by VAR during his first attempt.

To make matters worse his second attempt was just as feeble as his first as he made it another easy stop for Wickens, the Ross County keeper. It was poor from the Honduran, and not the first time he’s missed from the spot this season.

Brendan Rodgers has now surely got to take him off spot kick duties, not just for the players sake, but the team and indeed the Celtic supporters. He will do himself and us all a massive favour by not letting Luis anywhere near any future spot kicks we may receive.

It’s got to be anyone but the Honduran. While he’s at it, Brendan and his coaching staff should have the players working extra hard on penalty kicks, as he said would be happening a few months back, when asked about our dreadful record from the spot by The Celtic Star.

Luis is not the only one guilty of missing from the 12 yard line. There’s been a few of his teammates guilty of the same thing these past few months and it seems to be a constant theme in recent times. Has any club got a worse record from the spot than Celtic? Time to get that sorted, at least.  Kyogo should take them.

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  1. What sort of coaching has allowed Palma to continue that utterly stupid slow jog & pause, in his penalties? Having done it & missed one earlier in the season, was he not instructed to cut out the nonsense?

    Missing twice yesterday with practically no pace on the ball is unforgiveable. He looked an absolute clown, when, instead of blasting the ball high into the net, he repeated his first feeble attempt. The frustration & anger among fans was palpable.

    I know we get very few penalties awarded to us so getting practice/experience in a live game is rare but that makes coaching in training all the more important. The coaches need to get the finger out & take a firm line on how to take them in future no matter who is appointed to take them.