“Time to pick up the pieces, Celtic, and to fight back,” David Potter

It was a tough lunch time today, No point in pretending that it didn’t hurt, or that the detestable Kris Boyd doesn’t annoy. He is a far more pleasant man when he is unhappy! It has been a horrible, horrible day. John Hartson did his best but it was not his day either.

But that said, let’s analyse it. Basically the difference was corner kicks. We didn’t defend the one that they scored from, and then again in the last minute we got a corner kick, and we couldn’t take advantage. It was as simple as that. And poor Carl Starfelt, for whom nothing is going right! He had a good game apart from that, but that one mistake in not getting to the ball first means that he has had a “shocker”, a “disaster” and heaven help him on social media tonight.

Filip Helander of theRangers scores the winning goal to make it 1-0 to theRangers

But there were other moments as well, and other questions that we have to ask. Just what is Odsonne Edouard all about these days? On Thursday night, we talked about “pantomime” defending. Poor Eddy’s first half mistake was a “pantomime” miss, but yet one could forgive that. Why however was that charge on the goalkeeper necessary? He was rightly hooked immediately afterwards, and one feels that he may never wear a green and white jersey again. Or perhaps he will, for it is difficult to imagine Everton or Crystal Palace or anyone else splashing the cash.

And what about Ryan Christie? I have been loath to criticise a man of such undeniable talent, but he disappeared woefully in the second half when we needed him. One fears that the fans may turn on him as well. We needed someone to take a grip of the game, and neither Christie nor Turnbull rose to the occasion. And Abada was simply nowhere in sight.

Celtic’s  Ryan Christie vies with Glen Kamara of theRangers

It was painful, but it is important to realise that there are still 34 League games to go. Time is on our side, and Ange now has a couple of weeks to think before the next game against Ross County. Two days remain in this transfer window, and he will be glad of that, for he can then work on what he has without the constant talk of who will be coming or going. There were good performances from Ralston, Juranovic, (looks good!), Kyogu, Welsh and McGregor. We must work on this. In particular, we must not allow a “complex” to develop. With a few improvements, we are at least the equal and possibly the superior of them.

Referee Kevin Clancy made a few mistakes, but no-one could say that he had a major impact on the game. It would have been nice to have some of our fans inside the ground, though.

As far as the TV presentation was concerned, we have mentioned Kris Boys who said at least three times that St Mirren and Dundee were inferior opposition – something that seems to have hurt him – but Ally McCoist gave a surprisingly fair commentary even though he had a tendency to describe an ordinary kick of the ball as a “magnificent touch”.

Time to pick up the pieces, Celtic, and to fight back!

David Potter

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  1. I really don’t know why Starfelt and Eddie are playing as it seems one constantly makes a mess and the other doesn’t want to be there. I’d either rest them or get rid of and quickly. We hope Eddie is moving on but Starfelt has not impressed me one bit.

  2. As long as Ian Bankier is the Chairman we are not going anywhere fast of note. The way Ange looks at him from recent photos speaks volumes because he well knows that this man is a hindrance and not helping him in the way he needs. There does not seem to be a healthy relationship, which is probably frustrating the life out of a talented manager. This Chairman should be no where near a football club, let alone Celtic. We also must start signing more physical players, who are obviously skillful and wily too because we do get bullied and pushed around. Why in particular do the vast majority of Celtic players look so puny in comparison to our opponents in Europe? Physicality and athleticism are two major areas for improvement – these attributes should be core values of the team going forward, which need to be addressed when signing players and nurtured strongly at academy level.

  3. No it wasn’t as simple as that. Wrong about Starfelt as well he’s not taking a tremendous amount of pelters. The opposite in fact. Stop listening to big John and think for yourself.

  4. Starfelt was infact trying to mark two players, as for Clancy how dare you say he never had an impact on the game. Morelos is allowed to dive continuously before even tackled. And am I the only one who thinks kyogo was brought down by mcroory. Terrible referring once again