Time to take those ridiculous ‘World’s Most Successful Club’ signs down

Time to take those ridiculous signs down once and for all lads…

Not only did Celtic clinch a double on Saturday, in doing so it was also the 118th major honour in our illustrious history.

That takes us level on the same amount of honours combined as Rangers 1872 RIP, and their tribute act formed by founding fathers Charles Green in 2012, who like to pretend to themselves and the entire world that they are the defunct club. Putting that to one side, both their stadium and training ground claim that they are the world’s most successful football club because they have won a Cup Winners Cup (one), 55 league titles, 34 Scottish Cups and 28 League cups.

Celtic are now level so by their logic we are level with them and if we win the league cup next season we go ahead.

It’s only a matter of time before we ourselves overtake that haul and can truly lay claim to ‘being the most successful club in the world’

But of course we wouldn’t be that stupid to claim such an outrageous tag. It’s embarrassing truth be told, and one our club and supporters will stay well clear off, as we are, well to put it bluntly, not sheer delusional.

We are a successful club with an illustrious, unbroken history, but not on the same Level as clubs such as Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich who can all lay claim to that illustrious honour.

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The Rangers on the other hand, are a different breed and have shamefully off their own back claimed that title for quite some time, even having the audacity to display it in the form of signage at Ibrox and Murray Park as it used to be called.

I think the time has now come to take it down lads. It’s always been embarrassing, but now even more so.

Next season’s League Cup is going to be extra special. Celtic winning it will break them.

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  1. They can maybe change it to, “combined with another club who played here, together, we’re still not the world’s most successful club 🤦🏻‍♂️”

  2. If they claim to be the most successful, but we have the champions cup to their CWC, then that makes us more successful.

    • There is a more successful club that theRangers don’t recognise.

      Just go research it, The club does not play in Scotland but they are far more successful trophy wise, regardless of what type of league they play in.

      theRangers are in denial of part of their history, a history that only Goes back to 2012.
      They want to claim the previous ibrox residents trophy history, they want nothing to do with the previous residents massive debt.
      I’d have some respect for the 2012 impersonators if they just admit that they are what they are, A New Club.
      Rangers and their history, along with their debt went into the grave when the club was liquidated.

  3. I counted Al Ahlis honours on wiki and they had 126 or something at the time.
    The hubs also have those lower league trophies to chuck around, but still as many as Al Ahli.